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Higher education policy a mixed outcome

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Details of the federal government's forthcoming higher education policy package offers both positive and troubling outcomes for a sector that has already contributed $3.9 billion to Budget repair since 2011/12.

New regional businesses need better support

Tuesday 2 May 2017

CSU experts in starting up businesses in regional areas worldwide believe these start-ups need and deserve more support than their city cousins.

CSU students part of healthcare team for refugees

Sunday 30 Apr 2017

CSU students are playing a key role in an innovative oral health program in regional NSW to help recently arrived refugees settle into their new home.

Looking for tapeworm in Alaska

Friday 28 Apr 2017

The snow covered landscape of Alaska is a world away from the Australian bush but that's where CSU researcher Dr David Jenkins is sharing his expertise in parasites in wildlife.

New medical school solves regional doctors shortages

Wednesday 26 Apr 2017

A new and independent economic impact assessment provides a compelling case for the Murray Darling Medical School.

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Aboriginal flag_250x150
Constitutional right to racial equality needed

Friday, 26 May 2017

With the First Nations Convention being held this week near Uluru, a CSU constitutional expert questions 'cosmetic' changes that do not change the legal status of Indigenous Australians.

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