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Brunch with a View: rural women's forum

Start: 26th Jul 2015 9:00am
End: 26th Jul 2015 12:00pm

A group of female students at Charles Sturt University (CSU) are using their vision for Australian agriculture to organise a networking event for women in agriculture.

The CSU Wagga Wagga Agricultural...
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Town and Gown Academic Procession

Start: 4th Aug 2015 4:30pm
End: 4th Aug 2015 5:30pm

The Town and Gown Academic Procession has been held in Wagga Wagga each year since 2005 as a precursor to the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Graduations.

The 2015 Town and Gown...
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Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence

Start: 5th Aug 2015 1:00pm
End: 11th Aug 2015 1:00pm

Charles Sturt University (CSU) Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Vann will present his annual awards for excellence during two ceremonies at Bathurst and Wagga Wagga in August.

The 2015 Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence...
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Explorations: Do Talk to Strangers

Start: 11th Aug 2015 6:00pm
End: 11th Aug 2015 8:00pm

In our busy world of social media, three second grabs and speed networking, are we losing the ability to relate and connect to our fellow human beings?

As part of Charles...
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Agribusiness Today Forum

Start: 13th Aug 2015 8:30am
End: 14th Aug 2015 2:00pm

The Agribusiness Today Forum is designed to look out over the horizon at options and opportunities in an ever changing agricultural environment and how farmers may embrace new technology.

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Theo Barker Memorial Lecture: Life on Australia's first frontier

Start: 14th Aug 2015 6:00pm
End: 14th Aug 2015 7:00pm

What was it like to make a life in the early farming districts of Australia's first frontier? How did people learn about the new country, how did they make new...
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Explorations: The Bush by Don Watson

Start: 7th Sep 2015 6:00pm
End: 7th Sep 2015 7:00pm

Australian author Don Watson will talk about his 2014 book, The Bush: Travels in the heart of Australia during a free public lecure at Charles Sturt University (CSU).

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