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Ceremonies for VC awards

Start: 6th Aug 2014 1:00pm
End: 8th Sep 2014 1:00pm

Charles Sturt University (CSU) Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Andrew Vann will recognise the recipients of 2014 Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence during ceremonies at CSU in Bathurst and Wagga Wagga.

The Awards...
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Cropping and pasture systems field forum: Graham Centre

Start: 3rd Sep 2014 4:00am
End: 3rd Sep 2014 4:00pm

The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation will host its Cropping and Pasture Systems Field Forum at the Centre's Field Site. Read more here. Directions to the...
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Bangamalanha Conference

Start: 15th Sep 2014 12:00pm
End: 17th Sep 2014 9:00pm

CSU is sponsoring the Bangamalanha Conference, which will bring together practitioners, service providers and community organisations and members to learn from each other about successful programs and outcomes for Aboriginal...
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Tony McGrane Scholarship Fundraising Dinner

Start: 15th Sep 2014 6:30pm
End: 15th Sep 2014 10:30pm

The biennial Charles Sturt University (CSU) Tony McGrane Memorial Scholarship Dinner will be held at Dubbo. Read more in CSU News here.

The dinner will mark the 10th anniversary...
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Explorations: What is the impact of research on our communities?

Start: 17th Sep 2014 6:00pm
End: 17th Sep 2014 8:00pm

Professor of Information Studies Lisa Given is Acting Associate Dean Research at Charles Sturt University (CSU).

Universities, government and community groups often talk about 'research impact' as a measure of the...
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Explorations: A New Frontier – understanding epigenetics through mathematics. Professor Terry Speed

Start: 25th Sep 2014 6:00pm
End: 25th Sep 2014 8:00pm

Scientists have now mapped the human genome - the next frontier is understanding human epigenomes; the 'instructions' which tell the DNA whether to make skin cells or blood cells or...
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Explorations: Recent developments in the psychology of ageing

Start: 22nd Oct 2014 5:00pm
End: 22nd Oct 2014 7:00pm

Ms Judith Gullifer is a lecturer in Charles Sturt University's (CSU) School of Psychology.

She has coordinated undergraduate and postgraduate psychology subjects and been involved in research...
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Explorations: Reading the unreadable, information beyond the written word

Start: 28th Oct 2014 6:00pm
End: 28th Oct 2014 8:00pm

Professor Tim Wess

Executive Dean, Faculty of Science, Charles Sturt University

The documents, objects, artwork and remnants of everyday life that have defined our society and culture are at risk of being...
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Planting healthy grapevines: NWGIC workshop

Start: 2nd Nov 2014 9:00am
End: 2nd Nov 2014 4:31pm

New quality assurance standards for grapevine planting material in Australia are now in place and a workshop being hosted by the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre in November...
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Imagineering CSUEd 2014: conference

Start: 18th Nov 2014 10:30am
End: 21st Nov 2014 12:30pm

This year's CSUEd conference is investigating the future of teaching at Charles Sturt University.

Titled "Imagineering for the future CSU Graduate", imagineering is letting imagination soar and then engineering it...
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