International 'Improving University Teaching' Conference: Port Macquarie

Start: 27th Jun 2018
End: 29th Jun 2018

The 43rd annual International Conference on Improving University Teaching (IUT) will be hosted by CSU in Port Macquarie. It is the first time the conference has been held in Australia or in a regional area.

For today’s students, learning no longer takes place in the classroom alone. MOOCs, student internships, blended learning, and collaborative research with faculty in laboratories or in the field have all expanded the educational setting far beyond the traditional lecture hall or seminar room.

At the same time, the teaching best suited to these new venues remains a subject of discussion and even disagreement. Participants in the 2018 conference will explore the varieties of instruction best suited to these new learning spaces, while at the same time addressing problems they may entail.

The conference program over three days will include plenary sessions, interactive workshops, symposia, posters, and roundtables and refereed papers, organized around these themes:

- Adapting to new learning spaces—resistance and remedies,
- Using online-blended teaching strategies for student learning,
- Assessment in face-to-face, online, and blended environments,
- Promise and pitfalls of learning analytics,
- Faculty development for teaching beyond the classroom, and
- Recent research on learning in new spaces.

The conference is aimed at leaders, practitioners and researchers in higher education worldwide.

Venue / Address:
CSU in Port Macquarie Major Innes Rd Port Macquarie

Contact Phone: 02 6582 9404
Contact Email: Professor Heather Cavanagh