Online Workshop: Branding and Target Marketing

Start: 12th Jul 2017 5:30pm
End: 12th Jul 2017 8:30pm

Understanding market segments is a starting point for developing a market strategy. Being able to identify your target market segments is critical for developing your brand, designing cost-effective communications and effective product design. 

CenWest Innovate is hosting a free online workshop for businesses in and around Bathurst to address these issues with two experts in entrepreneurship.

Professor Morgan Miles from CSU's Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences  will discuss the steps in effective target marketing, from segmenting, targeting communications and positioning your product to best meet the needs of the segment, and compete effectively against competitors.

Brand expert Mr Errol Flanagan will explain how a business can understand their market segments and bring them alive.  He will show how businesses can understand and define their purpose, know what's great about them, and develop their brand.  He will discuss how to turn that understanding into an effective target marketing strategy.

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Venue / Address:
Live event broadcast in Building 1294, CSU in Bathurst, Panorama Ave, Bathurst

Contact Phone: 02 6338 4503
Contact Email: Chris Sweeney