Transition to University

Start: 11th Feb 2017 9:00am
End: 12th Feb 2017 4:00pm

This workshop will benefit all students commencing their studies in 2017.

Transition to University aims to provide students entering Charles Sturt University with background and skills required for successful tertiary study.

During the weekend, students will cover:

> Academic expectations,

> University culture and support systems to assist students,

> Reading and writing skills necessary for university study,> Learning to think critically (a very important skill), and

> Online learning strategies.

This workshop will benefit all students, not just those coming to CSU from a TAFE/VET pathway.

Venue / Address:
Charles Sturt University Wangaratta Regional Study Centre 218 Tone Rd, Wangaratta

Contact Phone: 03 5713 9061
Contact Email: Ilena Young