Explorations Series: The Russian Revolution 100 Years On

Start: 10th May 2017 5:00pm
End: 10th May 2017 6:30pm

The Russian Revolution and the country that arose from it, the Soviet Union, had a profound impact on the 20th Century.

Globally, approaches to economic and social development; international relations, the fight against Nazism and World War II, the Cold War and the arms race; politics and revolutions; culture and the arts; were shaped by the Revolution and the Soviet Union or by fear of these and opposition to them.

Hundreds of millions of Soviet citizens experienced radical social and economic change which included famine, terror and dislocation; war on an unprecedented scale; environmental degradation; restrictions on political, civic, national and religious freedoms; but also achievements (military, industrial, cultural, sporting) in which many took pride; improvements in living conditions and opportunities; rising standards of education and literacy and of health care and social support.

The public lecture by Charles Sturt University's (CSU) Emeritus Professor Ross Chambers will examine ways in which we can understand the Revolution and its impact 100 years on and more than 25 years after the collapse and disappearance of the Soviet Union.

His lecture is part of the University 's Explorations Series. Doors open at 5pm. The lecture will be followed by Q&A and light refreshments.

Venue / Address:
The Glasshouse Ross Family Studio on the corner of Clarence and Hay Streets in Port Macquarie.

Contact Phone: (02) 658 29334
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