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Charles Sturt University has a range of experts who can provide media commentary within their areas of expertise. Journalists are welcome to contact staff directly or to email


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Barney Dalgarno (Professor)

Speciality Topics: Technology in schools, technology and learning, social implications of technology use, Internet.

Fredrik Velander (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Mental health, alcohol and other drug use, alcohol and other drug use in the workplace.

Amanda Davies (Dr)

Speciality Topics: The use of virtual reality and simulation in delivering learning to Distance Education students.

Peter Wilson (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Arts education in schools, teaching for creativity in schools, animation, integrated curriculum.

Edward Spence (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Ethics in media, advertising, public relations, new media, information and technology

Angela Ragusa (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Sociology, social-psychology and media studies, materialism and consumerism, tree-changers.

Merrilyn Crichton (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Rural and regional mental health, rural and regional intellectual disability, welfare policy.

Tracey Green (Associate Professor)

Speciality Topics: Policing, crime

Maree Bernoth (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Aged care, community nursing, nursing education.

Dominic O'Sullivan (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Australian and New Zealand politics, education, comparative indigenous politics.

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