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Charles Sturt University has a range of experts who can provide media commentary within their areas of expertise. Journalists are welcome to contact staff directly or to email


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Glenys Noble (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Equine science, equine nutrition.

Kelly Spuur (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Radiographer, breast imaging and mammography.

Toni Downes (Professor)

Speciality Topics: Girls and IT, children and the internet, use of computers in schools for teaching and learning.

Philip Kerr (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics and herbal medicines (medicinal plants), phytochemistry.

Robert Robergs (Professor)

Speciality Topics: Exercise physiology, hydration, thermoregulation; Fatigue, physical activity, disease prevention.

Andrew Hall (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Climatology, Meteorology, Climate Change Science, remote sensing.

Martin Combs (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Veterinary science, small animal (dog and cat) medicine, fungal neurotoxins.

Frank Marino (Professor)

Speciality Topics: Exercise and sports science, endurance performance in warm humid environments

Paul Weston (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Entomology, insects and pests.

Hassan Obied (Dr)

Speciality Topics: Antioxidant chemistry and pharmacology, general pharmacology, natural product chemistry.

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