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Child protection report lacks crucial national detail on abuse in out-of-home care

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2018

Dr Katherine McFarlane, a Senior Lecturer at CSU's Centre for Law & Justice, writes in The Conversation about the importance of national data collection and public reporting of abuse of children in care.

The Syrian ‘hell on earth’ is a tangle of power plays unlikely to end soon

Thursday, 8 Mar 2018

Commenting in The Conversation, CSU Associate Professor Mehmet Ozalp sees no immediate end to the current Syrian 'hell on earth' thanks to power struggles associated with the conflict.

Australia could look to New Zealand to increase the number of Indigenous academics and students

Thursday, 8 Mar 2018

This article in The Conversation is part of a series exploring ideas for reforming higher education in Australia. CSU's Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan was asked to analyse overseas models, innovative ways forward in a digital world, and ideas not yet considered.

Stakes are high as Turkey, Russia and the US tussle over the future of Syria

Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018

This article in The Conversation by CSU Associate Professor Mehmet Ozalp looks at the main players as they fight to carve Syria into regions of control and influence.

More children are starting school depressed and anxious – without help, it will only get worse

Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018

This article is part of a series in The Conversation that draws on the latest research on back to school transitions. In it, experts explain how best to prepare children for school, and counter difficulties such as stress or bad behaviour.

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