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Why a separate holiday for Indigenous Australians misses the point

Thursday, 27 Sep 2018

CSU Associate Professor of Political Science Dominic O'Sullivan discusses, in The Conversation, why establishing a new national holiday to recognise the achievements of Indigenous Australians misses the point.

2018 SPRUNG productions explore themes of grief, love, longing and sexuality

Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018


CSU’s theatre/media studies students have wowed audiences once again with two new 2018 SPRUNG Festival productions, In Between and Sexpectations.

Stakes are high as Turkey, Russia and the US tussle over the future of Syria

Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018

This article in The Conversation by CSU Associate Professor Mehmet Ozalp looks at the main players as they fight to carve Syria into regions of control and influence.

Where are the epic women’s coming of age screen stories?

Wednesday, 7 Jun 2017

In this article originally published in The Conversation, CSU literature academic Suzie Gibson questions the current position of women's 'coming of age' films in modern cinema.

How do you remember a rock god? The complicated legacy of Chuck Berry

Monday, 20 Mar 2017

First published in The Conversation, a CSU academic has analysed the legacy of the late rocker Chuck Berry.

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