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Australia doesn’t have a constitutional right protecting freedom of the person – it needs one

Tuesday, 18 Jul 2017

Australian constitutional expert and CSU academic, Dr Bede Harris, believes the recent wrongful detention of two Australian citizens highlights inadequate protection for freedom of the person.

Why the High Court ruled Bob Day’s election to the Senate invalid

Friday, 7 Apr 2017

In this article originally published on The Conversation, CSU constitution law expert Dr Bede Harris explains why Family First senator Bob Day was ineligible to be elected into the upper house.

The case for holding politicians to the same disclosure standards as company directors

Thursday, 16 Mar 2017

In a commentary originally published in The Conversation, Dr Bede Harris asks why the financial interests of our politicians are not subject to the same scrutiny as company directors.

Heed Hawke's call – Australian federalism is an idea whose time has ended

Monday, 16 Jan 2017

In an article first published in The Conversation, Dr Bede Harris from CSU supports a recent call for the abolition of state governments.

NSW bail laws mean well but are landing homeless kids in prison

Monday, 19 Dec 2016

In an article, first published on The Conversation, senior lecturer Dr Katherine McFarlane from CSU's Centre for Law and Justice examines the impact of NSW Bail Laws on young people in the criminal justice system.

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