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For LGBTI employees, working overseas can be a lonely, frustrating and even dangerous experience

Friday, 24 Nov 2017

As the number of workers taking international assignments increases, companies have more responsibility to look after their LGBTI employees who face persecution while on assignment.

Why the Indigenous in New Zealand have fared better than those in Canada

Thursday, 23 Nov 2017

Dominic O'Sullivan_250x150

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's recent speech to the United Nations brought Canada's genocidal story to the world stage. It gave historical context to an enduring colonialism.

Kenya’s history of political violence: colonialism, vigilantes and militias

Friday, 6 Oct 2017

CSU PhD student Leighann Spencer considers Kenya's history of political violence in light of the country's high court decision to annul its latest presidential election in her article in The Conversation.

Australia doesn’t have a constitutional right protecting freedom of the person – it needs one

Monday, 17 Jul 2017

Australian constitutional expert and CSU academic, Dr Bede Harris, believes the recent wrongful detention of two Australian citizens highlights inadequate protection for freedom of the person.

Mosul is taken back, but Islamic State is not finished yet

Monday, 17 Jul 2017

CSU expert Associate Professor Mehmet Ozalp believes even with the recent fall of Mosul in Iraq, IS is not finished yet.

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