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Does ‘big data’ mean the end of community policing?

Wednesday, 7 Nov 2018

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A leading CSU policing academic argues that traditionally provided day-to-day policing services are at risk as police agencies across the world struggle to deal with increased and more complex demands upon their time, energy and resources.

Expunging the criminal records of kids in care does not absolve the state’s injustices against them

Tuesday, 31 Jul 2018

While the Victorian parliament last week legislated to address a historical injustice that saw thousands of vulnerable children in state care treated as criminals, CSU law academic Dr Kath McFarlane discusses in The Conversation how more can be done to help children in now similar situations across Australia.

Vigilantism is flourishing in Nigeria – with official support

Thursday, 9 Nov 2017

Concerns about safety and security are substantial in Nigeria. Here, crime is high and the police are considered corrupt and inefficient. The structure of law enforcement does not help. Police are run at the federal level despite long-standing calls for state forces.

Kenya’s history of political violence: colonialism, vigilantes and militias

Friday, 6 Oct 2017

CSU PhD student Leighann Spencer considers Kenya's history of political violence in light of the country's high court decision to annul its latest presidential election in her article in The Conversation.

Australia’s car industry needs cybersecurity rules to deal with the hacking threat

Monday, 21 Aug 2017

CSU cybersecurity expert Associate Professor Tanveer Zia contends that modern cars are basically computers on wheels, and that means they can be hacked.

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