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I’ve always wondered: why don’t chickens look down when they scratch?

Friday, 1 Dec 2017


I've always wondered why a hen never looks down when it scratches. Surely if it did so it could lead to greater success, but is there something anatomical that dictates that the head must be up when it scratches?

I have always wondered: when do baby birds begin to breathe?

Monday, 28 Aug 2017

in the first article for a new section in The Conversation, titled 'I Have Always Wondered', Drs Maggie Watson and James Van Dyke at CSU discuss when birds take their first breath.

Science crucial to agricultural innovation

Tuesday, 15 Aug 2017

Remember where your dinner came from during National Science Week, says Acting Director of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, Dr Marta Hernandez-Jover.

Health, wellbeing of hundreds of thousands of people at stake

Friday, 23 Jun 2017

Professor John Dwyer, MDMS

According to Professor John Dwyer, AO, Foundation Professor of Medicine and Surgery, Murray Darling Medical School, the push for a Murray Darling Medical School is driven by stark realities.

Good, bad and ugly for Antarctic penguins

Thursday, 8 May 2014

CSU researchers hard at work on Ross Island. Courtesy A. Matthews

CSU ecologists Dr Melanie Massaro and Dr Alison Matthews were part of a team of scientists in the Antarctic last season studying the effects of climate change on the Adélie penguin, one of Antarctica's truly 'local' penguins.

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