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Conscience vote on euthanasia bill exposes democratic weakness of NZ voting system

Wednesday, 31 Jan 2018

CSU political commentator Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan explains in The Conversation how a conscience vote on euthanasia bill exposes democratic weakness of New Zealand's voting system.

Romper Stomper reboot is a compelling investigation into Australia’s extremist politics

Tuesday, 2 Jan 2018

Dr Troy Whitford, a lecturer in Intelligence and Security Studies at CSU, writes in The Conversation that the remake of the 1992 movie Romper Stomper reflects new schisms and complexities in contemporary Australian extremist politics.

Lionel Murphy ‘still an open question’: CSU researcher

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017

Lionel Murphy_250x150

A CSU researcher has examined the highly complex and unprecedented judicial scandal about the conduct of Mr Lionel Murphy, a controversial former left-wing political figure in the Whitlam Labor government and later Justice of the High Court of Australia.

Mosul is taken back, but Islamic State is not finished yet

Monday, 17 Jul 2017

CSU expert Associate Professor Mehmet Ozalp believes even with the recent fall of Mosul in Iraq, IS is not finished yet.

Australia doesn’t have a constitutional right protecting freedom of the person – it needs one

Monday, 17 Jul 2017

Australian constitutional expert and CSU academic, Dr Bede Harris, believes the recent wrongful detention of two Australian citizens highlights inadequate protection for freedom of the person.

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