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It will take decades, but the Murray Darling Basin Plan is delivering environmental improvements

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Two senior CSU water ecologists join a concerned group to highlight that findings that, more than five years after the adoption of the Murray Darling Basin Plan, the environmental benefits are slowly but surely being seen.

Eight things that should be included in screen guidelines for students

Thursday, 26 Apr 2018

In The Conversation, CSU education experts Brendon Hyndman and Noella Mackenzie tackle one of the biggest issues that modern schools and parents encounter: how to manage students’ electronic use.

Media reporting on women in the military is preserving a male dominated culture

Thursday, 26 Apr 2018

Writing in The Conversation, CSU sociology lecturer Donna Bridges discusses how women’s transition into the military has exposed the challenges of liberalising a male-dominated institution - the Australian Defence Force.

Why teachers are turning to Twitter

Thursday, 12 Apr 2018

A CSU academic reports that with hectic scheduling and constant teaching demands, teachers are turning to social media to meet professional development needs.

Child protection report lacks crucial national detail on abuse in out-of-home care

Tuesday, 13 Mar 2018

Dr Katherine McFarlane, a Senior Lecturer at CSU's Centre for Law & Justice, writes in The Conversation about the importance of national data collection and public reporting of abuse of children in care.

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