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Student protests unfortunately ‘un-Australian’

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Federal Education Minister the Hon. Christopher Pyne may have been right to describe student protests to higher education cuts as 'un-Australian', but not for the reason he thought, according to CSU political ethicist Dr Piero Moraro.

Good, bad and ugly for Antarctic penguins

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

CSU researchers hard at work on Ross Island. Courtesy A. Matthews

CSU ecologists Dr Melanie Massaro and Dr Alison Matthews were part of a team of scientists in the Antarctic last season studying the effects of climate change on the Adélie penguin, one of Antarctica's truly 'local' penguins.

CSU students learn and teach in India

Wednesday, 30 Apr 2014

CSU student Ms Suska Denham with school children in India in January 2014

It was with a mix of excitement and nerves that a Charles Sturt University (CSU) teacher education student embarked on a two week journey into classrooms in the south western state of Kerala in India.

Making the most of ‘big school’

Friday, 24 Jan 2014

As Kindergarten children wait with nervous anticipation for the first day of school next week, CSU early childhood lecturer Dr Amy MacDonald has some tips for parents.

Green Eggs, No Sham

Wednesday, 15 Jan 2014

Dr Seuss might have made them famous, but Charles Sturt University (CSU) researchers hope that 'green eggs' may improve animal welfare in layer hen operations.Add Audio Player | CSU News

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