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Phubbing (phone snubbing) happens more in the bedroom than when socialising with friends

Thursday, 1 Nov 2018

CSU researcher Yeslam Al-Saggaf asked "have you ever been around people who spend more time looking at their phone than they do at you?" and reports some surprising and not-so-surprising results in The Conversation.

Eight things that should be included in screen guidelines for students

Wednesday, 25 Apr 2018

In The Conversation, CSU education experts Brendon Hyndman and Noella Mackenzie tackle one of the biggest issues that modern schools and parents encounter: how to manage students’ electronic use.

Australia’s car industry needs cybersecurity rules to deal with the hacking threat

Monday, 21 Aug 2017

CSU cybersecurity expert Associate Professor Tanveer Zia contends that modern cars are basically computers on wheels, and that means they can be hacked.

The Internet of Things and emerging security concerns

Monday, 7 Aug 2017

Cyber-attacks are rattling organisational cages and the internet remains an open problem, says CSU cybersecurity expert, Associate Professor Tanveer Zia.

An ethical hacker can help you beat a malicious one

Sunday, 21 May 2017

In an article first published in The Conversation, CSU PhD student Georg Thomas describes the black, the white and the grey of computer hacking.

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