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2018 SPRUNG productions explore themes of grief, love, longing and sexuality

Wednesday, 26 Sep 2018


CSU’s theatre/media studies students have wowed audiences once again with two new 2018 SPRUNG Festival productions, In Between and Sexpectations.

Schapelle, Schapelle: clever, insightful, funny

Monday, 24 Sep 2018

Schapelle Schap[elle_250x150

As the headline act for CSU annual ‘SPRUNG Festival’ – a two-week theatrical event – Schapelle, Schapelle is a sensation.

What the world needs now to fight climate change: More swamps

Thursday, 13 Sep 2018

Professor Max Finlayson and his co-authors at The Conversation believe in a world facing climate change, we can't afford to 'drain the swamp'.

Planned closures of charter schools in New Zealand prompt debate about Māori self-determination

Friday, 31 Aug 2018

CSU political expert Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan discusses, in The Conversation, the New Zealand government’s decision to close charter schools, which has prompted criticism from Māori leaders because some schools have predominantly Māori rolls.

University staff and students are at high risk of ill health. Here’s how to make sure they can cope

Thursday, 23 Aug 2018

University staff and students are an at-risk population for many health issues, and physical activity could be the answer, say two CSU health experts in The Conversation.

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