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The pulse of Asia

Tuesday, 11 Aug 2009

International trends for grains, oilseeds and pulses will be discussed at the annual Asia Today Forum 2009 on Thursday 13 August in Parkes. Following the successful forums on beef in 2007 and lamb in 2008, the Asia Today Forum 2009 will focus on cereals, oilseeds and pulses and their outlook for Asian markets. “While the focus of the forum will be on Asia, it will also broaden the view towards the relevant underlying developments and driving forces of today's agricultural and grain markets,” says Director of the Asian Agribusiness Research Centre at CSU, Dr Claus Deblitz. Speakers will include Professor John Chudleigh from Analysing Agriculture and representatives from Emerald Group, the Bread Research Institute, Buckwheat Enterprises, Lachlan Commodities and MSM Milling - Manildra.

Media contact: Holly-Amber Manning, 02 6365 7813

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