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Changing our view of teaching

Friday, 1 Mar 2013

Changing educational views from teaching to ‘co-learning’ is the focus of the second Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies Annual Conference, being held at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Ontario on Saturday 2 March. Titled ‘Co-constructing Contexts for Meaningful Engagement’, the conference will look at new ways to support the changing view of children, from the traditional view of teachers-learners in a classroom to that of teachers and pupils as co-learners using play, dance, technology, different cultures, and the outside environment. The keynote address will be presented by renowned early childhood education leader and role model, Professor Lilian Katz, who has lectured across Canada and USA and in 55 other countries. A holder of many academic honours, Professor Katz will share her knowledge of early childhood practices that she has observed in cultures around the world. “Lilian Katz both informs and challenges our conventional wisdom on early childhood education. Few others have contributed so much to the early years’ landscape. We are so excited to host her at our conference,” said conference organiser and program coordinator of CSU’s early childhood studies degree at CSU in Ontario, Ms Karyn Callaghan.

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