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Elmo leads in crime scene investigation class

Tuesday, 4 Oct 2011

Dr Thiru Vanniasinkam from CSU. People can sift through the evidence, look for clues and help solve a hypothetical murder at a master class run by Charles Sturt University (CSU) at the Australian Education Fair in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on Saturday 15 October. The class, titled ‘Who killed Elmo: a forensic biotechnology investigation’ is designed to showcase the role of a scene of crime officer, just one career path for students undertaking a Bachelor of Forensic Biotechnology  through CSU in Australia. Program leader for the Bachelor of Forensic Biotechnology, Dr Thiru Vanniasinkam said the class is a mock forensic biotechnology investigation. “It is a light-hearted way to give people some idea of what happens in a forensic laboratory. We work with fingerprint dusting powder, go through the evidence and come up with conclusions,” she said.  “By the end of the class people will not only know who killed Elmo, but they will have more information about the programs offered at Charles Sturt University.”

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