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Customs and border control conference

Monday 23 Jun 2014

The Republic of Azerbaijan has hosted the inaugural conference of the International Network of Customs Universities (INCU), a not-for-profit body formed to promote the academic standing of the customs profession. The conference, Trade Facilitation Post-Bali: Putting Policy into Practice was held in late May in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Jointly organised by the INCU and Azerbaijan's State Customs Committee, the event brought together delegates from over 70 countries including representatives of customs administrations, the private sector, academic institutions and international organisations. Co-chairing the conference was the Canberra-based INCU President and chief executive of the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies, Professor David Widdowson. The INCU has adopted the Baku Resolution to guide its future direction. Read the resolution here. In July 2013, Charles Sturt University (CSU) and the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies announced a new partnership to deliver the Bachelor of Border Management and Graduate Certificate in Customs Administration by distance education.  Read more about the partnership in CSU News here. The University's Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security and the Centre for Customs Excise are co-located in Canberra's parliamentary triangle.

Media Contact: Ms Fiona Halloran , (02) 6933 2207

Media Note:
The Bachelor of Border Management and Graduate Certificate in Customs Administration commence for Session 2 on Monday 14 July. Photo courtesy of INCU.

CSU graduation ceremony in Canberra

Saturday 14 Dec 2013

An academic procession down the aisle of St Paul's Anglican Church will begin the formal graduation ceremony for Charles Sturt University's (CSU) School of Theology in Canberra on Monday 16 December.  Doctorates, degrees, diplomas and certificates will be awarded to 50 graduates in front of 140 guests. "This is a milestone event in which the achievements of all graduates are celebrated and we give thanks for the support of families and friends," said Associate Head of School, Dr Heather Thomson. "Graduates are encouraged to continue in the path of wisdom, truth and goodness, as they make their contributions to the church and the wider world." The Occasional address will be delivered by CSU Executive Dean of Arts Professor Jennifer McKinnon. Read more about Professor McKinnon on CSU News here. During the ceremony Mr Paul Baker will be presented with the University Medal, the highest honour for academic achievement at CSU, when he is awarded a Bachelor of Theology (Honours). Mr Baker is a mediator in Alice Springs and studied part-time by distance education.

Media Contact: Mark O'Brien, (02) 6365 7813

Media Note:
Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews with Mr Paul Baker. The ceremony will be held from 11am on Monday 16 December at St Paul’s Anglican Church, the corner of Canberra Avenue and Captain Cook Crescent, in Manuka.

New look for CSU wines

Monday 30 Sep 2013

Charles Sturt University (CSU) Winery will launch a new-look series of labels for its Charles Sturt and Reserve ranges at CSU in Bathurst on Tuesday 1 October. Marketing manager Mr Justin Byrne said the new labels reflected the University’s history and spirit of exploration. “The labels feature the rivers of regional NSW, the Macquarie, the Murray, the Murrumbidgee and the Darling,” he said. “It was the explorer Charles Sturt who first traced the Murray and the Murrumbidgee, and those journeys are also represented on the labels.” Mr Byrne said Charles Sturt University Winery had been making wine, and winemakers, for more than 35 years. “We own and operate two vineyards, growing warm climate varieties in Wagga Wagga and cool climate varieties in Orange, and also work with growers in other regions. We have two production facilities in Wagga Wagga; a commercial winery producing our three product ranges and an experimental winery producing our student wines.” CSU staff and local business people will attend the launch event and the new labels will be on shelves throughout NSW and Victoria in the coming months.

Media Contact: Mark O'Brien, 02 63657813

Media Note:

Mr Justin Byrne is available for photos and interviews at the cellar door at CSU in Orange, between 10-11am, Tuesday, 1 October. Contact CSU Media for interviews.

Successful CSU alumni join Council

Tuesday 24 Sep 2013

Chancellor Mr Lawrence Willett, AO.Charles Sturt University (CSU) Council has welcomed the appointment of three new highly successful alumni to its ranks. Mrs Jennifer Hayes from Albury-Wodonga is a former senior executive of the Mars Corporation, including as a senior financial executive in Asia Pacific and Europe.  Ms Saranne Cooke from Bathurst joins the Council from the energy sector and recently led a team working on energy sector reform in NSW.  Ms Cooke is also a Director of the Western Medicare Local.  Mr Jamie Newman from Orange is a member of a number of boards and committees, and is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Orange Aboriginal Medical Service. He is a descendent of the Kalar tribe of the Wiradjuri nation.  The new appointees join current CSU alumni members Mr Angelos Frangopoulos (CEO of SkyNews Australia and Board Member of the Victor Chang Foundation) and Mr Peter Hayes (a Wine Industry Consultant who has held senior positions with the CRC for Irrigation Futures, CRC for Viticulture and the Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation).  The Council also welcomed Mr Robert Fitzpatrick, an external independent appointee, who currently heads up the infrastructure, transport and logistics business with the National Centre of Excellence in ICT Australia and spent 7 years in global consulting for McKinsey in international business and technology. Under the leadership of Chancellor Mr Lawrence Willett, AO, the CSU Council has 15 members.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran, 02 6933 2207

Media Note:

For further information, contact  University Secretary,  As the governing body, the CSU Council is invested with all the authorities, functions and powers of the University.

Is a 'green' roof good for you?

Friday 2 Aug 2013

How proximity to a 'green' roof or wall affects city residents is the subject of a research project being carried out in Sydney by Charles Sturt University (CSU) student, Ms Karina Maloney. The Honours student in the School of Environmental Sciences at CSU in Albury-Wodonga is investigating residents living in or near a building that has plants growing on roofs or outside walls, and the impact it has on residents’ perceptions of the local landscape and their health. "As more Australians move to the city, the role of nature in the urban environment has become increasingly important," Ms Maloney said. "To learn more about the role of nature in urban areas, we are conducting a survey of residents in one of the three groups: those that reside in a building with a ‘green’ roof or wall; those that can see the vegetation of a nearby green roof or wall; and those that live in a nearby building and cannot see green roof or wall vegetation. We are looking for relationships between the three groups of residents in their satisfaction in the surrounding landscape, their connection to nature and their physical health.”

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 02 6051 9906

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews with CSU Honours student Ms Karina Maloney who is based in Sydney, or her supervisor Dr Shelby Laird Gull based at CSU in Albury-Wodonga.
  Green roof/wall impacts on urban dwellers: A case study&rdquo

CSU wishes for Christmas-New Year

Friday 21 Dec 2012

Merry Christmas.Charles Sturt University (CSU) will close for the Christmas-New Year break from 12.30pm on Friday 21 December and will re-open on Wednesday 2 January 2013. Best wishes to all our readers from the CSU Media team.

Media Contact: CSU Media, 02 6051 9906

Media Note:

CSU library services come up trumps in national survey

Tuesday 20 Nov 2012

CSU Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Vann with CSU students Ms Di Wintle and Mr Thomas Belling in Wagga Wagga. The high standard of services offered by the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Library to its users no matter where they live has been praised in a biennial survey conducted in September. The Library Client Survey 2012 attracted 3 844 respondents, with almost 54 per cent of the surveys completed by CSU distance education students. The Library’s Director of Client Services, Ms Alice Ferguson said, “In this latest survey, the Charles Sturt University Library has moved from the bottom 25 per cent of libraries in 2010 to the top 25 per cent for overall performance of Australian university libraries surveyed over the last two years. Our staff were highly commended in the survey for the standard of service they provide to our users.” During the last two years, CSU has established new Learning Commons in Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Orange and Wagga Wagga, and increased its use of social media through the Library. A part promoting the survey, cash prizes were offered to library users to participate in the evaluation. Two of the four winners, medical radiation science student Mr Thomas Belling and Master of Health Science Honours student Ms Di Wintle, were presented certificates by Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Vann at the Convention Centre at CSU in Wagga Wagga on Tuesday 6 November.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran, 02 6933 2207

Media Note:

CSU Division of Library Services has physical libraries at CSU in Albury-Wodonga, Bathurst, Dubbo, Ontario, Orange and Wagga Wagga  with a CSU collection available through the public library in Port Macquarie.
The Library’ s excellent online collection continues to grow with a focus on the purchase of eBooks and eJournals providing students with point-of-need access to study material. Support is available to students from librarians via a 1800 number, online chat, Ask a Librarian online service and other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter as well as face-to-face within library buildings.
CSU Library provides a free postal loans service to distance education students.

New research focus on environmental justice

Tuesday 6 Nov 2012

In a first for Australia, a new research network will be launched at Charles Sturt University (CSU) on Thursday 8 November to focus on environmental justice and governance in Australia. The new group is part of CSU’s Institute for Land Water and Society (ILWS)  and will be known as the Environmental Justice and Governance for Social Change Strategic Research Area. Co-leaders of the new group, Dr Helen Masterman-Smith, an environmental sociologist, and Associate Professor Vaughan Higgins, a rural sociologist, said, “This new Strategic Research Area is one of the first research concentrations or networks in Australia that focuses on the fields of justice and governance in environmental issues, including climate change.”
To launch the new group, a public workshop, Environmental Justice and Governance: Strategies for building environmentally sustainable and socially just communities will be held from 10 to 4pm on Thursday 8 November at the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre at CSU in Wagga Wagga. Pre-eminent Australian environmental sociologist, Professor Stewart Lockie from The Australian National University, will give the keynote address from 10.30am to 12noon. . To RSVP, contact Dr John Rafferty on 02 6051 9406 or email. A full workshop program is available from the ILWS here.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran, 02 6933 2207

Media Note:

Dr Helen Masterman-Smith or Associate Professor Vaughan Higgins, both from CSU’ s Institute for Land, Water and Society are available for interview about the new Environmental Justice and Governance for Social Change Strategic Research Area. Contact CSU Media.
The workshop, Environmental Justice and Governance: Strategies for building environmentally sustainable and socially just communities will be held on Thursday 8 November from 10 to 4pm at the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre, building 412, near the CSU Winery, McKeown Drive, CSU in Wagga Wagga.

Girls growing up too quickly

Tuesday 23 Oct 2012

Dr Emma Rush from CSU. The risks of the sexualisation of girls and tips on how to help girls grow up with healthy attitudes towards body image and sexuality will be discussed at a public lecture in Braidwood on Wednesday 7 November 2012. Lecturer in philosophy and ethics at Charles Sturt University (CSU), Dr Emma Rush, will give an overview of what researchers and experts have to say about the risks associated with the sexualisation of girls and explain the government’s response. “A generation ago we didn’t see fashion and gossip magazines, padded bras and cosmetics pitched specifically at the primary school market,” she said. “While sex appeal has been used to sell products for a long time, in the last decade or so imagery directly inspired by pornography has also become much more prevalent in fashion and advertising. The increasing pressure on girls to meet very narrow appearance ideals at younger and younger ages is of significant concern to experts in child health and welfare.”  The free lecture, Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls, will also identify resources for parents and professionals who work with girls. 

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran, 02 6933 2207

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.  The public lecture, Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls is being hosted by CSU and Palerang Council. It will be held from 6.30pm in the Council Meeting Room, Park Lane opposite the local library in Braidwood. Refreshments will be served after the lecture.
  at CSU in Wagga Wagga. She was previously a Research Fellow at the Australia Institute in Canberra where she was the lead author of two major policy papers on the sexualisation of children. Read more about Dr Rush’ s research 
Dr Rush has delivered similar public lectures in Griffith and Narrandera in 2010 and in Temora and Orange in 2011.

CSU in Wangaratta

Thursday 3 May 2012

Charles Sturt University (CSU) is continuing to make tertiary education more available in regional Australia when it opens its latest Regional University Centre in collaboration with Goulburn Ovens TAFE (GOTAFE) in 2013. Head of CSU in Albury-Wodonga, Ms Sue Moloney, will formally announce the expansion today, Thursday 3 May, during the release of the Rural City of Wangaratta's South Wangaratta Urban Renewal Strategy at 10am during a Special Council meeting at the Council Chamber, Wangaratta Government Centre. “This initiative recognises the complementary and combined strengths of Charles Sturt University and GOTAFE, particularly in agriculture. Initially, students undertaking a GOTAFE diploma in dairy management can continue their studies with credits from their GOTAFE course to gain a CSU degree in agricultural business management. We are also looking to offer further opportunities for CSU courses through the Wangaratta centre, including postgraduate agriculture studies as well as nursing,” Ms Moloney said. The CSU Regional University Centre at Wangaratta will be established by CSU in collaboration with GOTAFE with the support of a Commonwealth Structural Adjustment Fund grant of over $7m.

Media Contact: Peita Vincent, 02 6933 4447

Media Note:

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