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A new exhibition space for Dubbo

Thursday 8 Jun 2017

Learning Commons DubboNewly-completed revitalisation of Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Dubbo has given rise to a new exhibition space for artists and the public to use.

Head of Campus at CSU in Dubbo Ms Cathy Maginnis said the space is professionally set up, accessible, safe, crowd-friendly and free.

"The heart of the campus in Dubbo underwent a significant $4 million revitalisation in 2016, and as a reflection of our ethos 'for the public good' we are offering individuals or collectives the opportunity to host an exhibition here," Ms Maginnis said.

"This is an expression of 'yindyamarra winhanganha' and the University's values of being inclusive, inspirational and impactful, by facilitating spaces for the community to share and learn from others in a warm and welcoming environment.

"We offer a significant hanging space that is a cost neutral option for those wanting to exhibit and sell their work."

The first exhibition will be by local Aboriginal artist Mr Mal Morris from Monday 26 June to Friday 25 August.

CSU seeks applications from artists, curators and organisations by Friday 28 July to schedule exhibits for the coming 12 months.

To discuss exhibiting at CSU in Dubbo contact Mr Bart Sykes on 6885 7305 or bsykes@csu.edu.au, or in person at CSU at 8 Tony McGrane Way, Dubbo.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, (02) 6338 6084

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

Exhibiting at CSU in Dubbo is free, public admission is free, and exhibitors will host an opening event.

Exhibitions are expected to run for six to eight weeks, and no commission will be charged for sale of works. University staff will redirect enquiries for sales to the artist or the artist's representative.

Submitting a proposal is no guarantee of acceptance, and all proposals will be assessed by a panel of CSU and community representatives.

EngFest 2017 builds in Bathurst

Friday 2 Jun 2017

Engineering students Ms Georgia Sonter and Ms Aldrex CondinoCharles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst will be the centre of the local engineering world next week when it stages Engfest 2017.

Hosted by CSU Engineering, the four-day event includes activities for the central west community, industry and schools as well as CSU Engineering students.

This year, the degree is drawing international appeal by hosting staff from the renowned US-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which are investigating what makes the internationally innovative CSU degree tick. This comes on top of a recent visit by delegates from the Minnesota Institute of Engineering in USA.

The central west community is invited to Community Day on Tuesday 6 June at 9.30amto hear from the national winning team from CSU in the 2016 Engineers Without Borders Challenge on what it takes to win the annual Challenge, which is for engineering students across Australia.

This year, the students have developed ideas that will address the needs of ten communities on Espiritu Santo Island in Vanuatu. These communities are seeking new income generating activities so the villagers no longer need to rely on income from harvesting the endangered coconut crab. Visitors can view this year's entries for the Challenge by first-year CSU student engineers throughout the day.

CSU Professor of Engineering Jim Morgan will then present his thoughts on transforming his traditional academic career into the extraordinary opportunity of starting a unique program while being allowed to break most of the academic rules. The lecture commences at 6pm on Tuesday 6 June and is part of CSU's Explorations Series public lectures.

Local engineering professionals and firms have been invited to Industry Day on Wednesday 7 Juneto view the Challenge exhibits by the student engineers in the morning, and will then discuss regional business, universities and entrepreneurship during an afternoon of professional development activities with CSU's CenWest Innovate, the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship and with the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia.

CSU Expo Day on Thursday 8 June will include final tours of the first- and second-year exhibitions and the CSU Engineering building, which has been shortlisted for this year's NSW Architecture Awards.

Finally, high school students, teachers and parents can learn more about engineering and the CSU engineering degree at MyDay on Friday 9 June. Year-12 students will also receive an exclusive opportunity to apply for early entry into the 2018 course.

All activities during EngFest will be in CSU Engineering (building 1305), Panorama Ave, CSU in Bathurst.

The full program for EngFest 2017 is here, andregister here to attend various EngFest activities.

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 0417 125 795

Media Note:

For interviews with EngFest organisers including Professor Euan Lindsay and Dr Andrea Goncher, contact CSU Media.

Read more on the MIT visit here.

Nursing students look for eye glass donations

Monday 29 May 2017

Nursing students at Charles Sturt University (CSU) are seeking donations of eye glasses to take to Thailand next month for villagers in rural and remote areas.

The eight Bachelor of Nursing students will spend a fortnight in northern Thailand as part of an international study experience through CSU Global.

The students will be involved in primary health care and assessment in villages and towns in the remote Wat Jan region.

In partnership with OPSM in Dubbo, they're collecting reading and sun glasses to donate to the villagers they meet on the trip.

Lecturer in the CSU School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health, Ms Cathy Maginnis said, "The donated glasses makes such a difference to the lives of the villagers.

"Many of them work all day in the rice fields or with other farming crops, such as corn, strawberries and coffee, so they're out in the sun and the glare all day, often in water.

"There's a lot of glare and they do suffer a lot, as they get older, from cataracts and glaucoma.

"The sunglasses certainly helps with some of that eye care.

"It also allows the villagers to engage in their traditional handicrafts from which they make an income."

Nursing students last year donated glasses during a similar study trip to Thailand.

"The looks on their faces when we were able to give them a pair of glasses last year were just wonderful. It was a fantastic moment for both them and us."

People are urged to donate reading or sun glasses by dropping them off at OPSM in Dubbo or CSU in Dubbo by Friday 9 June.

The students depart for Thailand on Friday 16 June.

The international study experience is one of many programs supported by CSU Global. The students are each eligible to receive a $500 Vice-Chancellor Travel Grant.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran , (02) 6933 2207

Media Note:

Lecturer in the CSU School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health, Ms Cathy Maginnis is available for comment. Contact CSU Media.

Photo: A CSU nursing student hands over eye glasses in a Thai village in 2016.

Public lecture honours Indigenous rights leader in Dubbo

Thursday 18 May 2017

William FergusonAn Explorations Series public lecture at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Dubbo on Monday 29 May will honour Indigenous rights campaigner Mr William Ferguson (pictured).

Head of Campus at CSU in Dubbo Ms Cathy Maginnis said the public lecture will be presented by former Senator Dr Aden Ridgeway.

"This free public lecture by Dr Ridgway will celebrate and acknowledge former Dubbo resident Mr William Ferguson and other local Indigenous leaders for their significant contribution in the mid-20th century resulting in the success of the 1967 Referendum," Ms Maginnis said.

"It is 80 years since Mr Ferguson launched the Aboriginal Progressive Association in 1937 in Dubbo, an initiative which helped drive the cause for justice for his people.

"His strong voice and the determined manner in which he articulated the sufferings of his people have led people to compare him to the visionary Reverend Martin Luther King in the USA.

"Thirty years later, 90 per cent of Australians voted for the justice he fought so hard for, empowering the government to make positive legislative change on behalf of the Aboriginal people. It is time we applauded this local unsung hero."

Dr Ridgeway was born in Macksville in northern NSW in 1962. He is a proud member of the Gumbayyngirr people, with strong family traditions. His life experience has been shaped by schooling at St John's College, Woodlawn, work as a park ranger, a court assessor, and CEO. He was the first Indigenous person to be elected as a federal Parliamentary leader when he held the position of Deputy Leader of the Australian Democrats in 2001-02. He retired as a Senator for NSW after six years of service.

He holds a Doctorate (Hon Lit) from the University of Technology, Sydney, and has served the Aboriginal community with ATSIC, the NSW Aboriginal Lands Council, and Indigenous Tourism Australia. He is currently the patron of the Centre for Aboriginal Independence and Enterprise, and the Saltwater Freshwater Festival.

This free public lecture at 6pm to 7pm Monday on 29 May is open to the community, CSU staff and students. It will be held in the lecture theatre (building 902, room 202) at Charles Sturt University, Tony McGrane Place, Dubbo, and will be followed by light refreshments.

The CSU Explorations Series is part of the Community-University Partnership program and aims to engage its rural and regional communities in discussion and debate about major issues facing our regions, the nation and the world.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, (02) 6338 6084

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

Innovation centre to take off in central west

Monday 27 Mar 2017

A new centre to promote innovation by small and medium businesses in central west NSW will have its community launch at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst on Wednesday evening 29 March.

As part of a partnership between CSU and the NSW Department of Industry, CenWest Innovate aims to help businesses in the region to develop the necessary skills and find technical expertise to convert ideas into viable business opportunities.

CSU Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew Vann, said, "Charles Sturt University is pleased to partner with the NSW Government to support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystems critical for sustaining our regional economies and the communities that they support.

"The goals of the government's Boosting Business Innovation Program which underpins CenWest Innovate are all about furthering a network innovation ecosystem across Australia, supporting small-medium enterprises (SMEs) that want to scale up and innovate, growing the regional start-up sector and creating innovation clusters, and providing access to high-tech equipment and technical expertise for SMEs.

"CenWest Innovate is designed to support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem across Central Western NSW, through support for new and existing businesses, and business leaders, through encouraging business innovation.

"Both the local member Mr Paul Toole and the NSW Government have been great champions of the University and we are pleased to partner with the Government in delivering this exciting suite of initiatives to boost business and commercial opportunity."

Professor Mark MorrisonDirector of CenWest Innovate Professor Mark Morrison said, "The CenWest Innovate program seeks to build business capabilities and encourage collaboration between small and medium businesses and Charles Sturt University, aiming to help businesses to innovate and become more competitive.

"New entrepreneurs, existing businesses and business leaders will receive a range of support which commenced last weekend with our 'Getting into Business Bootcamp' for new entrepreneurs," Professor Morrison said.

"We are planning monthly events to help businesses develop key entrepreneurship capabilities, starting with a 'Digital Marketing Masterclass'.

"In July we are due to start a more in-depth business accelerator program, called the 'Next Stage Growth Program'. This is for existing sustainable businesses that want to move to the 'next stage', such as developing new markets or new products.

Professor Morrison said CenWest Innovate would also administer a voucher system to increase access to CSU research and technical capabilities.

"We will also have 'Tech Vouchers' and 'Business Development Vouchers' to help businesses in Central West NSW get easier access to capabilities we have at Charles Sturt University that can help businesses to innovate.

"This includes access to our 'makerspace' facilities for developing prototypes, 3D printers and laser cutters, our machine learning capability, data mining, market research and many other research capabilities."

CenWest Innovate forms part of CSU's Multi-Region Hub approach to fully harness the benefits of the Boosting Business Innovation Program.

The CenWest Innovate community launch by Professor Vann will be at CSU Engineering (building 1305) in Bathurst from 6pm to 8 pm on Wednesday 29 March.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, 02 6338 6084

Media Note:
Contact CSU Media for interviews with CenWest Innovate director Professor Mark Morrison prior to the launch on 29 March.

New businesses to get boot camp in Bathurst

Thursday 9 Mar 2017

Professor Mark MorrisonResidents in the NSW Central West with ideas for innovations can learn the latest in startup and innovation strategy at a 'Starting a Business' boot camp to be held in Bathurst in March.

Hosted by CenWest Innovate, based at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst, budding entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and innovators will gain an understanding of agile planning, creating a minimum viable product, proof of concept development, ideas validation, risk mitigation, business modelling and more during the two day workshop.

"A major challenge for new entrepreneurs is developing products that customers will want to buy, will be competitive in the market, and generate enough cash flow for their business to remain viable," said CenWest Innovate director, Professor Mark Morrison from the University's School of Management and Marketing.

"New businesses need to be able to develop and test their ideas in the market in a way that helps refine their product or service and reduces the costs of not getting it completely right the first time.

"This boot camp aims to overcome some of these issues."

The free boot camp will be led by Troy Haines, CEO of theSPACE in Cairns, who will share his ideas on the fundamental processes of effectively 'Turning Ideas into Reality' to invigorate and inspire a start-up business community in the NSW Central West.

The boot camp will run from 6pm to 9pm on Friday 24 March and from 9am to 5pm on Saturday 25 March.

To enrol or find out more information, contact Ms Marie-Christine Sweeney at CenWest Innovate on telephone (02) 6338 4503, or send an email.

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 0417 125 795

Media Note:

For interviews on the 'Starting a Business' Boot Camp, contact CSU Media.This workshop is part of CenWest Innovate program from Charles Sturt University and proudly supported by the NSW Department of Industry. See more on CSU Events

CSU Dubbo hosts CUP grant morning tea

Thursday 23 Feb 2017

CSU DubboCharles Sturt University (CSU) in Dubbo will host a morning tea on Friday 24 February to launch the CSU Community-University Partnership (CUP) grants for 2017 and hear from three organisations that received grants last year.

Head of Campus at CSU in Dubbo Ms Cathy Maginnis said the University distributed eight $1 000 grants to organisations in Dubbo and the region in 2016.

Applications for grants in two categories in 2017 open on Monday 27 February, with other categories opening later in the year.

"We've invited the successful 2016 recipients back and have asked them to give a two-minute presentation describing their projects," Ms Maginnis said.

"It's always wonderful to hear about how the organisations advance their projects and to know that Charles Sturt University is contributing to the practical advancement of organisations and endeavours within the city and the wider region. I look forward to meeting and speaking with the representatives of these groups."

The organisations include Marathon Health / Headspace Dubbo, and Wee Waa High School, both awarded CUP grants under the Rural and Regional Arts and Culture Development Program, and

Dubbo and District Pre-school, which was awarded a grant under the Rural and Regional Education Development Program.

The Administrator of Dubbo Regional Council, Mr Michael Kneipp, and Council's Director of Community Services, Mr David Dwyer, will also attend the morning tea.

The morning tea is at 10.30am Friday 24 February in the Multipurpose Hall (building 920) at CSU, Tony McGrane Place, Dubbo.

Other groups to receive CSU CUP grants in 2016 include the Dubbo Koori Interagency Network; Peak Hill Preschool Kindergarten; Condobolin High School; Condobolin Preschool; and PCYC Dubbo.

The 2017 CUP grant categories opening on Monday 27 February are CUP Head of Campus Small Grants Program, and CUP Rural and Regional Arts and Culture Program.

Subsequently, the CUP Rural and Regional Education Development Program opens on Monday 3 April; the CUP Rural and Regional Indigenous Community Engagement Program opens on Monday 1 May; and the CUP Rural and Regional Sports Development Program has two opening dates – 'Summer' on Monday 1 May, and 'Winter' on 4 September.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, (02) 6338 6084

Media Note:
Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews with Ms Cathy Maginnis, Head of Campus at CSU in Dubbo.

O Week for new students at CSU in Dubbo

Friday 17 Feb 2017

Cathy MaginnisA Commencement Ceremony, cultural tours, meet and greets, and a barbeque lunch are all part of the start of Orientation Week (O Week) for more than 90 new students commencing at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Dubbo on Tuesday 21 February.

Head of Campus at CSU in Dubbo, Ms Cathy Maginnis (pictured), said O Week allows new students to become familiar with their surroundings and to meet new friends while learning how to navigate the University before classes commence for all students on Monday 27 February.

"O Week plays an important role by allowing students the opportunity to meet academic staff who will be teaching them and familiarise themselves with the campus and their schedules without pressure," Ms Maginnis said.

"I look forward to welcoming new students and their families to the University at the Commencement Ceremony on Tuesday. It marks the start of their degree and the beginning of a journey of lifelong learning. This is cause for celebration and pride for this achievement.

"Enrolments at the University in Dubbo continue to grow, with nursing attracting the largest cohort of new students (30+), followed by social work and teacher education.

"The new-look campus is very student-centric with contemporary learning spaces and furniture, as well as study areas and quiet spaces. We welcome the community to engage and share these spaces with us. There will be a new café and courtyard to relax and socialise in, and new areas for support staff to assist students. The University recognises the need for flexibility to assist with students' busy lives, so a 24/7 area will be available for students to access to assist them with their learning journey.

"I also encourage CSU online students living in and around our campus to use its newly-completed amenities and support staff."

At the Commencement Ceremony, Wiradjuri Elder Uncle John Hill will do the Welcome to Country. There will be brief addresses by the Administrator of Dubbo Regional Council, Mr Michael Kneipp, followed by President of the Dubbo Student Representative Committee and Bachelor of Nursing student Ms Mikaela Dart, and O Week coordinator and Bachelor of Education student Ms Alice Barber.

The CSU in Dubbo O Week schedule is:

Tuesday 21 February

9.30am to 10am Commencement Ceremony, followed by Market Day from 10am to noon, then the Student Representative Council welcome barbeque lunch, and campus tours during the afternoon, a mature age students meet and greet forum, and then ten pin bowling and pizza from 6pm.

Wednesday 22 February

School welcomes, introductions, and courses information sessions throughout the day. In the evening, a trivia night and barbeque from 6pm in the Multipurpose Hall.

Thursday 23 February

More courses information sessions. For nursing students there will be a treasure hunt from 10.45am, and a Q&A session with current students at 2pm. There will be an Open Forum at 3pm, and from 6pm barefoot bowls at the Dubbo Bowling Club.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, (02) 6338 6084

Media Note:
Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews with Ms Cathy Maginnis, Head of Campus at CSU in Dubbo.

Call to reassess sentencing after Bathurst Jail riot

Wednesday 4 Jan 2017

Call to reassess sentencing after Bathurst Jail riot

Dr Kath McFarlaneA senior researcher from Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst has called on NSW policy makers to reassess whether prison sentences are the best way to handle low-level crime after yesterday's riot at Bathurst Jail.

"The riot brings to mind some of the problems that 40 years ago, led to the Nagle Royal Commission into the infamous Bathurst Jail riots of 1974," said Dr McFarlane from the University's Centre for Law and Justice.

"Allegations of prison overcrowding are hardly surprising, given NSW has never had so many people in jail.

"We know that jail often makes people worse and doesn't add to community safety. The vast bulk of people don't need to be in jail.

"Addressing prison sentencing and reducing overcrowding would also help relieve pressure to extend the Bathurst jail over the next five years, which will only add to the huge financial burden for NSW taxpayers."

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 0417 125 795

Media Note:

 Contact CSU to arrange interviews with Dr Kath McFarlane at CSU in Bathurst.

Seventy-eight students to graduate at CSU in Dubbo

Wednesday 7 Dec 2016

Cathy MaginnisMore than 240 family members and friends will celebrate the graduation of approximately 78 students from Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Dubbo on Friday 9 December.

Graduates from the Faculty of Arts and Education, Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences, and Faculty of Science will receive their awards at the 11am ceremony at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, 155 Darling Street, Dubbo.

Newly-appointed Head of Campus at CSU in Dubbo, Ms Cathy Maginnis (pictured), said, "All of us at Charles Sturt University in Dubbo can't wait to celebrate the achievements of all our 2016 graduates. We also look forward to welcoming our graduates' friends and families and the community to celebrate this special event. All our graduates can take great pride in their achievements, and we wish them well as they enter a new chapter of the lives."

Graduating students of distinction include nursing graduate Ms Sophie Board who was born and bred in Dubbo but now lives in Gilgandra. She will be the fourth member of her family to graduate from CSU in Dubbo, and the third to graduate with a Bachelor of Nursing from the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health at CSU in Dubbo. In 2007 her mother Corrina graduated from nursing and her sister Lucy graduated in 2011. Her other sister Keera graduated from CSU in Dubbo with a Bachelor of Education in 2011. Ms Board has been accepted for a new graduate nursing position at Dubbo Base Hospital starting in February 2017.

Dubbo local and nursing graduate Ms Jocelyn McKay served as Student Representative for the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous Health; on the Dubbo Student Committee; and on the Dubbo Campus Environment Committee. She has a new graduate position starting in 2017 in the NSW Health Remote Rotation Program where she will transition through up to four remote health facilities which will give her a great perspective on the health challenges facing remote communities.

The Occasional Address at the graduation ceremony will be delivered by Professor Jeannie Herbert, AM, Pro Vice Chancellor Indigenous Education and Foundation Chair of Indigenous Studies at CSU.

The CSU graduation ceremony will start at 11am Friday 9 December at the Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, 155 Darling Street, Dubbo NSW.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, (02) 6338 6084

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

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