New book to explore managing change in age of disruption

Tuesday 12 Feb 2019

* CSU sessional lecturer Mathew Donald will have his first book published in July 2019

* ‘Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence’ explores management,  leadership and organisational change

* Internationally recognised professors across the globe have endorsed the book

Charles Sturt University (CSU) sessional lecturer, Mathew Donald (pictured) has recently had his academic book Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence pass its editorial review with Emerald in the UK.

The book modernises the topics of management, leadership, and organisational change to inform those leading and managing organisations into the future.

Dr Donald who has been a sessional lecturer with CSU since 2017 says his interest in organisational change has stemmed from his own experience.

“During my working career, I have been involved in change processes all the way through and have been fascinated by it. I had to adapt to changes throughout my work such as using very basic computers then moving to more modern technology.” Dr Donald said.

With a background in finance and having worked for large multinationals, Dr Donald said that functional organisational structures of multinationals and large corporates have become too rigid and that it’s essential to support and manage change appropriately.

“To manage organisational change, leaders need to be involved and genuinely engage in the process with staff,” Dr Donald said.

“The CEO and senior people would be better advised not to delegate this element of the change, they should be seen, heard and actively supporting the change.

“They should review the resources for the change and not expect existing staff to take on too much, and always communicate widely about the change, explain the reasons and the benefits, regularly explain until staff have the messages.”

Having witnessed organisational change in the financial industry over the years, Dr Donald says the two big mistakes leaders make are providing insufficient information and time to staff.

“All too often the date of finishing is the goal, rather than the quality of work.

“There is a need to build various forms of communication for multiple audiences; leaders could consider finding the ‘sense givers’ in your organisation to broaden the messages and the language required for people to hear the message,” Dr Donald said.

According to Dr Donald, leadership will be different in the future: building and retaining trust will be challenged in the age ahead due to constant disruption.

“The strategies for leading will likely be significantly different,” Dr Donald said.

“Time-consuming boards of review and approval processes will no longer be appropriate for the future ahead.”

‘Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence,’ is a product of Dr Donald’s PhD (Bus) in leadership, Management and organisational change. The book has already been endorsed by leading professors across the globe, including Leonard Schlesinger from the Harvard Business School, crediting it as a must read.

“With Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence Mat Donald has provided us with a much-needed management primer for the new economy. He effectively updates much of traditional management logic for a world that is characterised by dramatic change.  A must read!” Professor Schlesinger said.

The draft link to the book is available for viewing here and is expected to be officially published in July 2019.


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