Fiona Nash examines regional Australia’s positive future

Wednesday 6 Jun 2018

* Fiona Nash highlighted the importance of regional Australia at a CSU public lecture

* Regional universities have a responsibility for growing local communities

* The CSU Engineering program and Murray Darling Medical School Network are prime examples of polices and education working to address skills shortages in the region

Charles Sturt University (CSU) Strategic Adviser Regional Development, Fiona Nash spoke at the CSU Bathurst Campus on the role and importance of regional Australia last night.

Ms Nash, a former Senator, Minister and Deputy Leader of the Federal National Party spoke of the contribution regional Australia makes toward the national economy. Adding it was largely forgotten or overlooked by those in the city.

“Strong regions make a strong nation and sometimes I think we forget a third of the people who live is this nation live outside the capital cities.”

Ms Nash pointed out CSU as a regional university had a responsibility for growing those communities so that future generations stay living and working in them.

‘Confidence builds strong regions, leadership is so important in instilling confidence in our regional communities, and the thing is for Charles Sturt University we are now educating the regional leaders of the future,’ Ms Nash said.

Ms Nash used the CSU Engineering program as an example, of this listening and strengthening regional communities saying it responds to the engineering skill gap currently faced in regional and rural Australia.

When asked about future needs of engineering in regional Australia Ms Nash said it was important to focus on the long-term rather than short-term needs.

Pointing out the Murray Darling Medical School Network was a good example of policy working to place more skilled professionals in the regions and ensure that the regions thrive and grow into the future.

Ms Nash’s public lecture was part of a CSU program aimed at fostering and sharing knowledge across the community.

About the Explorations Series

The Explorations Series is part of the University’s community engagement program and aims to engage our rural and regional communities in discussion and debate about major issues facing our regions, the nation and the world.


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