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Post-election commentary by CSU experts

Sunday 3 Jul 2016

The votes have been cast but the make-up of the next Australian Parliament is still not clear. CSU experts are available for analysis and comment.

Brexit offers benefits, challenges for Australian agriculture

Tuesday 28 Jun 2016

CSU business experts believe the decision by British voters to exit the EU offers benefits and challenges for Australian agriculture.

European honey bee steals the media spotlight

Sunday 19 Jun 2016

Native insects play an important role in pollinating agricultural crops but it's the European honey bee that often gets the glory.

Coalition voters show large swing towards climate policy

Wednesday 15 Jun 2016

CSU research shows more Coalition voters accept climate change is real and are willing to pay nearly as much as Labor voters for carbon policies such as a carbon tax or direct action.

New community bushfire preparedness plan for NSW

Tuesday 14 Jun 2016

A new community safety program aimed at preparing communities to protect residents' health and wellbeing during major bushfires has been developed using CSU research.

Better parks for a better, healthier life

Tuesday 14 Jun 2016

A study is underway in urban parks in regional NSW to find out what older Australians value about recreational spaces and where they would like to see improvements.

New immigrants re-energise regional Australia: national report

Monday 23 May 2016

New immigrants are filling important needs in regional Australia, bringing skills, innovation and vital labour to the agriculture sector, according to new research.

CSU study finds savings in healthy, generic food

Sunday 22 May 2016

Families can save up to $2 000 a year if they purchase healthy, generic food from supermarkets, a CSU study has found.

Electric carts at CSU help environment and save money

Monday 9 May 2016

CSU is further embracing a sustainable future with the arrival of its first electric cart vehicles at Bathurst and Wagga Wagga.

Australian youth homelessness report launched

Wednesday 27 Apr 2016

A report into Australian youth homelessness to be launched today reveals more than 41 000 people aged between 15 and 23 seek help from homeless support agencies each year, with rural and regional youth particularly vulnerable. CSU Professor in Finance Adam Steen is one of three principal researchers behind The Cost of Youth Homelessness in Australia.

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