Environmental Sciences

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Regional rail decline with unattended stations

Thursday 31 Mar 2016

Increasing the number of unattended train stations in regional NSW to 11 will 'continue a long trend of decline' says CSU academic.

Vale PK

Wednesday 23 Mar 2016

A leading CSU business and economics academic will be remembered for his generosity of spirit and time for his colleagues and friends at CSU, in Bathurst and around the world.

Improving fish migration in the Mekong

Wednesday 23 Mar 2016

A CSU led project aims to improve migration pathways for fish to benefit the environment and river communities of the lower Mekong Basin.

Southern bell frogs breed again

Tuesday 19 Jan 2016

The low-growling call of the southern bell frog in a lagoon in the mid-Murrumbidgee River has CSU researchers excited.

CSU expert: climate change talks

Friday 11 Dec 2015

As the United Nations climate change conference draws to a close, CSU expert Professor Kevin Parton said a meaningful agreement to limit global warming is still some way off.

The big picture of small insects

Friday 13 Nov 2015

CSU ecologist Dr Manu Saunders is finding out how the small things, wild pollinators, can affect the big picture of agricultural ecosystems.

Return of the carbon price inevitable

Tuesday 10 Nov 2015

A CSU expert believes Australia should be prepared for the return of carbon pricing after the next election, regardless of which party wins.

‘Biodiversity Dreaming’ conference at CSU in Bathurst

Thursday 5 Nov 2015

An historic conference about biodiversity, land management, farming and the shaping of future sustainable landscapes will be held at CSU next week. It will cap a year of celebratory bicentennial events in Bathurst.

Birds, drought and tree cover

Wednesday 4 Nov 2015

Increasing tree cover, particularly on stream sides and floodplains, could help bird communities survive during long and severe droughts, according to CSU ecologist Dr Dale Nimmo.

Native wildlife on the move

Monday 26 Oct 2015

We often think of environmental conservation as establishing new habitats of native plants but two CSU ecologists believe establishing populations of common wildlife in new areas is just as important.

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