Reconciliation, Recognition and the Uluru Statement from the Heart: 10 years after the apology

Wednesday 30 May 2018

* The Federal Government’s apology to the Stolen Generation made 10 years ago was a milestone toward reconciliation.

* Reconciliation Weeks ensure just and non-colonial political relationships work toward reconciliation.

* The Uluru Statement from the Heart is a powerful statement which captures Indigenous Australian aspiration for a fair and truthful relationship with the people of Australia and a better future for Indigenous children based on justice and self-determination.


Charles Sturt University acknowledges the significance of the apology made to the Stolen Generation as a significant step toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

In an opinion piece Associate Professor Dominic O’Sullivan talks about the significance of the apology and in turn the need for an Indigenous voice in parliament. The Uluru Statement is a simple though far reaching proposal. It is representative of a significant body of indigenous thought.

If the Uluru Statement is to be rejected, it ought to be because reasoned deliberation has produced a better, fairer more inclusive and respectful democratic model. In the absence of meaningful political voice, one cannot say that the transgressions of the past will not be repeated.

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