Reconciliation Week: Indigenous woman’s perspective

Wednesday 30 May 2018

* Reconciliation week recognises Indigenous history on par with other significant national events.

* Education empowers Indigenous Australians to engage in honest and open conversation about the impact on First Australians of colonial history and policies.

* A reconciled Australia will acknowledge and value the rights of First Nations peoples to their histories and cultures as part of its shared national identity.


An Indigenous member of the Charles Sturt Community gives a personal reflection on Reconciliation Week and her own story of her mother being taken away from her family when she was six.

In the opinion piece we get an Indigenous perspective on the 1967 referendum up until today and the role Reconciliation Week plays in the Indigenous community and in reaching out to non-Indigenous people.

The recognition of the First Peoples of this country as valued citizens of this land, will be an extremely slow and protracted process unless educational institutions develop the capacity to deliver leadership that will enable all Australians to engage in the open and honest conversation about the value Indigenous history and culture.

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