A bloody good effort, CSU rolls up their sleeves to help those in need

Wednesday 4 Jul 2018

* The 2018 Red25 Tertiary Blood Challenge has wrapped up. CSU took home the top performing tertiary institution in NSW and second in Australia

* Staff and students made 617 lifesaving donations over the 12 week challenge.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) staff and students have saved 2,025 lives following the Tertiary Blood Challenge.

For twelve weeks from 12 March to 3 June this year, members of our CSU communities, have rolled up their sleeves and pumped their blood to provide lifesaving blood donations.

CSU Health Promotions Officer, Ms Coleen Pearce said, “Charles Sturt University is extremely proud of our staff and students who participated in the 12 week challenge.

“To be the top performing tertiary institution in NSW is outstanding. We have saved 2,025 lives,” Ms Pearce said.

Across the country students and staff of tertiary institutions gave a total of 12,932 donations. Saving up to 38,796 lives.

Right now Australia is facing a national blood donor shortage due to the flu season. The Blood Service is urging people with O-Negative blood to make a donation as the organisation’s reserves of this blood type has dropped to just two days’ supply.

An extra 4,500 O-Negative blood donations are needed this month to help boost Blood Service stocks up to normal levels.

“Charles Sturt University staff and students are being urged to get involved and register to our Red25 group and donate regularly. All members’ donations go towards the group’s annual tally,” Ms Pearce added.

Fast Facts

* CSU made 298 whole blood and 377 Plasma donations

* In total 675 donations

* Saved 2,025 lives


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Media Note:

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