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Security risks for off-shore petroleum infrastructure

Tuesday 6 Sep 2016

A CSU expert in maritime law has warned of the potential security risks to offshore oil and natural gas drilling and production platforms.

Leading judge to launch new CSU law centre

Sunday 21 Aug 2016

The official launch of CSU's Centre for Law and Justice on Thursday 25 August will bring a leading judge to regional NSW.

New book sets record for CSU

Tuesday 16 Aug 2016

A newly-published scholarly book sets a CSU record for the academic team behind it.

So, you are sending your child to uni?

Sunday 7 Aug 2016

Parents are being urged to take an active interest in helping their children investigate university study.

Australia’s first and only carbon neutral university

Wednesday 27 Jul 2016

CSU has been declared Australia's first official carbon neutral university.

Preparing academics for professional practice in an uncertain future

Wednesday 6 Jul 2016

A new book from CSU examines how the role and identity of universities are increasingly affected by current worldwide social trends towards globalisation, digitalisation, and an emphasis on individualism.

Harnessing virtual technology to teach health students

Tuesday 5 Jul 2016

CSU is tapping into virtual technology to give allied health students a unique learning experience.

Breaking through the concrete ceiling

Sunday 1 May 2016

The new engineering course at CSU is aiming to change the face of the profession in Australia by seeking more balanced perspectives.

Learning analytics challenged

Tuesday 26 Apr 2016

Academics at CSU have questioned whether the data collection systems used by schools and universities to improve education outcomes are actually beneficial.

Vale PK

Wednesday 23 Mar 2016

A leading CSU business and economics academic will be remembered for his generosity of spirit and time for his colleagues and friends at CSU, in Bathurst and around the world.

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