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Managing your super fund successfully

Thursday 8 Sep 2016

A CSU finance expert is issuing a warning for Australian investors to take care ahead of managing their own superannuation fund.

Security risks for off-shore petroleum infrastructure

Wednesday 7 Sep 2016

A CSU expert in maritime law has warned of the potential security risks to offshore oil and natural gas drilling and production platforms.

Let’s Count maths program to benefit Victorian preschoolers

Monday 29 Aug 2016

An innovative maths program co-developed by a leading CSU education academic has been implemented in 76 selected preschools in Victoria, with more to follow.

Reading for fun develops an essential life skill

Thursday 25 Aug 2016

A CSU lecturer has published a book she hopes will help address poor literacy by encouraging the enjoyment of reading at a young age.

Leading judge to launch new CSU law centre

Monday 22 Aug 2016

The official launch of CSU's Centre for Law and Justice on Thursday 25 August will bring a leading judge to regional NSW.

Early childhood support vital for at-risk families

Monday 22 Aug 2016

Research by CSU has highlighted the importance of early childhood education and care for at-risk children and families.

New book sets record for CSU

Wednesday 17 Aug 2016

A newly-published scholarly book sets a CSU record for the academic team behind it.

Census insights into multilingual Australians

Tuesday 9 Aug 2016

CSU research into previous censuses has provided fresh insights into multilingual speakers' ability to participate in Australia where English is the main language.

So, you are sending your child to uni?

Monday 8 Aug 2016

Parents are being urged to take an active interest in helping their children investigate university study.

Initiative delivers benefits for at-risk students and families

Friday 5 Aug 2016

At-risk young people and their families benefit from a ground-breaking initiative across education, health and community service providers, according to recent CSU research.

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