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Australia’s first and only carbon neutral university

Thursday 28 Jul 2016

CSU has been declared Australia's first official carbon neutral university.

Pokémon GO a social event with touch of nostalgia

Monday 18 Jul 2016

Pokémon GO has become a global phenomenon in days, addressing some previous shortcomings of online lifestyles, according to an IT expert at CSU.

Preparing academics for professional practice in an uncertain future

Thursday 7 Jul 2016

A new book from CSU examines how the role and identity of universities are increasingly affected by current worldwide social trends towards globalisation, digitalisation, and an emphasis on individualism.

Migrants need support to learn English

Wednesday 6 Jul 2016

CSU research indicates that poor oral English skills and barriers to acquiring English language proficiency may profoundly disadvantage humanitarian migrants' ability to settle.

Harnessing virtual technology to teach health students

Wednesday 6 Jul 2016

CSU is tapping into virtual technology to give allied health students a unique learning experience.

Research boost for early childhood education and care

Friday 24 Jun 2016

A CSU academic has been awarded a research fellowship with a leading national organisation to improve high quality early childhood education and care for all children.

New senior appointment to CSU’s RIPPLE

Wednesday 22 Jun 2016

CSU has announced the appointment of a national leader and senior executive from the not-for-profit sector to one of its six research centres.

Federal election Facebook debate a watershed

Tuesday 21 Jun 2016

The trust that we place in our social media networks might just be the difference between winning and losing an election, according to a CSU academic.

Indigenous cultural immersion enhances graduates

Friday 27 May 2016

Fish traps, smoking ceremonies and artefacts featured in a three-day cultural immersion excursion in north-western NSW for students at CSU.

Focus on internet access and ICT entrepreneurship

Wednesday 11 May 2016

The world-changing rise of information and communication technologies creates challenges but opens new employment opportunities and career paths, say academics at CSU.

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