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Students raise money in memory of CSU colleague

Thursday 20 Oct 2016

Charles Sturt University (CSU) students from the Port Macquarie will be participating in the nationwide Garage Sale Trail this Saturday 22 October 2016 to raise funds for the Jacob Berry Memorial Scholarship.

The group is raising funds in memory of their friend, 23-year-old CSU student Jacob Berry who tragically passed away in a bicycle accident whilst overseas this year.

Jacob had just graduated from the Bachelor of Clinical Science (Paramedic) and a $5 000 scholarship has now been established to honour his life. The scholarship will be available from 2017 to paramedicine students studying at CSU in Port Macquarie.

This weekend, CSU students will be helping to raise funds for the scholarship. They will be selling second hand goods as well as plenty of steak sandwiches. Local butchers, Meltique Beef have donated all the steaks and the local council as well as a two local churches are also involved.

Friends of Jacob's from CSU Jack Dowd and Ashley Hendry are among those who'll be helping this weekend.

Jacob's friends and family described him in a statement as, "A graduate, a much loved son, a brother and a great friend to so many who had the fortune to meet him. He loved surfing and being in the water and was a qualified dive master. He was also an aspiring musician and enjoyed the adventures that traveling gave him. His passing has left a void in the lives of all that knew him."

Berry Financial Services, Rydges and CSU have created the Jacob Berry Memorial Scholarship to enable Port Macquarie paramedicine students to realise their dreams.

The Port Macquarie contribution to the national Garage Sale Trail is taking place at CSU, 7 Major Innes Road from 9am – 1pm and a barbeque will be available as well as many pre-loved items.

Media Contact: Polly McDougall, 02 6933 4565

Media Note:

The Port Macquarie CSU garage sale is taking place at 7 Major Innes Road, Port Macquarie from 9am – 1pm.

Clara Koch, Student Liaison Officer at CSU is available on 02 65829358.

Jack Dowd can be contacted on jackdowd78@gmail.com

Ashley Hendry can be contacted on ajhendry@hotmail.com

CSU hosts schools chess challenge

Thursday 20 Oct 2016

There will be chess moves aplenty when primary and secondary school students participate in the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Albury-Wodonga Schools Chess Challenge on Wednesday 2 November 2016.

CSU Division of Information Technology Business Analyst, Ms Marian Wolmarans said last year's event was very successful.

"Last year we had around 100 students on campus for the Chess Challenge with bishops, kings and queens outmanoeuvring each other and we are expecting similar numbers again this year," Mrs Wolmarans said.

"The event is sponsored by Charles Sturt University's Albury-Wodonga Head of Campus and we are proud to promote such a creative day for young minds."

The entry fees for participants are being covered thanks to a CSU Community-University Partnerships grant for education development.

Schools can register for the event at https://au.tornelo.com/tournaments/charles-sturt-university--1

Mrs Wolmarans said, "Chess Kids Australia will also be sending a representative for the day to facilitate the seven-round tournament. There are two categories, primary and secondary – and Charles Sturt University offers a trophy to the winning team, to take back to their school for display for the year."

The event can even be followed online here on the day as the rounds progress.

Media Contact: Polly McDougall, 02 6933 4565

Media Note:

The CSU Albury-Wodonga Schools Chess Challenge will held at the Learning Centres 114/115, Building 754 at CSU in Albury-Wodonga. 

For more information contact Marian Wolmarans on 02 605 19443 or mwolmarans@csu.edu.au.

Exercise research to improve women’s health and wellbeing

Thursday 20 Oct 2016

The search is on to recruit about 100 women for a new Charles Sturt University (CSU) study comparing the effects of four different types of exercise on overall health and wellbeing.

PhD student Mr Joshua Cooper from the University's School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health is seeking women aged between 55 and 70 years to participate in three exercise sessions a week for 16 weeks.

The free training sessions will be conducted at the University gym in Bathurst to compare four different exercise groups: aerobic endurance exercise training (cycling), whole-body resistance exercise training (weights), and two differing doses of a combination of the endurance and resistance training exercise groups.

Mr Cooper said, "I want to see if the women are able to get the same health benefits by doing 50 per cent resistance and 50 per cent endurance programs as by undertaking 100 per cent strength or endurance programs.

"So basically, do you get the same results for half the amount of work and time put in at the gym?

"It is well documented that middle to older aged adults need both resistance training to offset the loss of muscle mass and endurance training for cardiorespiratory health and fitness.

"I want to promote a combination of both training styles in this age bracket and show via progressive and feasible exercise programs it can be integrated into everyday life and you can receive the associated health benefits from exercise."

Women interested in participating in the study will need to undergo initial screenings from their general practitioner and a Bathurst cardiologist. To be eligible, women must have no current cardiovascular or metabolic disease, and currently participate in less than or equal to two exercise sessions per week. 

For further eligibility details, and anyone interested in the study, should contact Mr Cooper on telephone (02) 6338 6101, mobile 0416 626 300 or email jcooper@csu.edu.au.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran and Emily Malone , (02) 6933 2207

Media Note:

PhD student Mr Joshua Cooper is in the School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health at CSU in Bathurst. He is available for interviews on mobile 0416 626 300.

Once accepted into the study, participants will also complete a number of health and performance-related tests before the 16 weeks of training and again when the training has been completed.

These testing sessions will provide information about metabolism, diet, cardiovascular health, fitness, body composition, cognitive health and brain function, overall health and wellbeing.

All participants will receive comprehensive health reports upon completion of their training which provides important information pertaining to risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes.

Volunteers needed for a sleep and appetite study

Thursday 13 Oct 2016

The search is on for middle-aged men to take part in a new study at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst investigating the relationship between sleep, exercise and appetite.

PhD student Ms Penelope Larsen from the University's School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health is heading up the new sleep and appetite study.

"Exercise is strongly believed to be a key promoter of sleep quality and quantity and a driver of energy intake and expenditure," said Ms Larsen.

"I am examining the effects of exercise, both low and high intensity on sleep quality and quantity and how that relates to appetite-related hormones and eating behaviour.

The second part of my research will examine the impact of the timing of exercise that is morning or evening and its effect on hormones and eating behaviour."

Ms Larsen said all volunteers need a medical clearance from a general practitioner prior to taking part and a pre-exercise medical health questionnaire would also need to be completed.

"Participants will need to attend the exercise laboratories at CSU in Bathurst for 5x 1.5 hours sessions which includes a baseline testing session and 4 acute exercise trials," said Ms Larsen.

They will also be equipped with a take-home polysomnography (PSG) unit to record sleep quality and a diary to record sleep, diet and physical activity.

To be eligible to apply, participants need to be:

  • Men aged 35-60 years of age
  • Exercising less than 150 minutes per week
  • Not been diagnosed with sleep apnoea
  • Not a current smoker, or a smoker who has quit in the past 12 months
  • Not currently being treated for dental diseases
  • Free from current illnesses such as the flu
  • Not on medication for appetite control or weight less
  • No known medical conditions or medications that affect sleep quality and or quantity
  • Not engaged in work or recreational activities that significantly alter sleep patterns such as shift work
  • Be available during October and November 2016

Ms Larsen said it is also important that participants know they can withdraw from the study for any reason at any time, without explanation.

For further information on being involved in the study, contact Ms Larsen via email: plarsen@csu.edu.au or mobile 0423 911 625.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran and Emily Malone , (02) 69332207

Media Note:

Ms Penelope Larsen is in the School of Exercise Science, Sport and Health at CSU in Bathurst. She is available for interview. Contact CSU Media.

The research has the approval of the Charles Sturt University's Human Research Ethics Committee.

Photo: PhD student Ms Penelope Larson from CSU in Bathurst.

Scientists at CSU mentor local school children

Thursday 13 Oct 2016

Scientists from Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Wagga Wagga and students from a local primary school will showcase their energy projects at a science expo on Friday 14 October as part of a national program to encourage their interest in the subject.  

The scientists from the Functional Grains Centre at CSU have been working as mentors with the Mater Dei Primary students in 2016 as part of the national MyScience program.

Ten mentors from the Centre have helped the Year 5 students to design and create projects including redesigning wind turbines, investigating water wheels and cooking with solar power.

The science expo will be held from 10am to 11am at the Mater Dei Primary School for the students to showcase their projects to parents and fellow students.

MyScience is a science and technology program to support primary teachers and their students to think and work scientifically. The students learn in groups under the guidance of their mentors.

The Functional Grains Centre is funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) to transform the grains industry from a commodity-based industry into a sector producing high quality food and feed products.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran and Emily Malone , (02) 6933 2207

Media Note:

The media is welcome to attend the science expo in the Year 5 rooms and library at Mater Dei Primary School,  63 Gregadoo Road, Wagga Wagga.

The Director of the Function Grains Centre at CSU Professor Chris Blanchard will be available for interview along with the school students and their teacher Mr David Enever.

Photo: PhD student at CSU Michelle Toutounji with students from Mater Dei Primary School in Wagga Wagga.

CSU Engineering students to head for Cambodia

Monday 26 Sep 2016

Engineering students Michael Todd (left) and Kevin AugCharles Sturt University (CSU) engineering students will develop their humanitarian engineering skills by working with Australia's least developed neighbours, Cambodia, thanks to a partnership between the federal government and international charity Engineers Without Borders.

With financial support announced earlier this year through the  New Colombo Plan initiative, over $120,000 will be available over three years to support CSU engineering students to travel to and work in Cambodian communities.

 "This support will enable our students to apply skills and knowledge from their engineering studies to real-world situations in humanitarian engineering contexts," said coordinator of CSU's engineering course, Ms Andrea Goncher.

"It also reinforces important attributes we want our students to display: to be able to engage with people and communities, and to display social entrepreneurship.

"In addition, Engineers Without Borders will facilitate the program using their experience in managing volunteers and in-country partnerships in the Indo-Pacific regions."

The initiative will be launched during an evening event hosted by CSU Global Manager, Dr Shevahn Telfser, on Wednesday 28 September at CSU in Bathurst.

The support is part of $380,000 CSU is due to receive under the New Colombo Plan, which will be administered by CSU Global.

In previous years, students from CSU courses such as dental science and oral health, agricultural science, physiotherapy, business studies, occupational therapy, speech pathology, environmental sciences, psychology and creative arts have taken part in overseas studies through CSU Global.

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 0417 125 795

Media Note:

The event to celebrate the launch of the next phase of the New Colombo Plan at CSU will run from 5.30pm until 7pm on Wednesday 28 September in the Engineering Building, CSU in Bathurst.

For interviews and pictures with CSU staff before, during or after the event, contact CSU Media.

See recent examples of overseas visits by CSU students through CSU Global here and here.

Crowdfunding for research

Thursday 22 Sep 2016

The latest developments in crowdfunding and how it's being used to support research at universities will be addressed during a free public lecture at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Wagga Wagga on Wednesday 28 September.

Hosted by the University's School of Information Studies, Crowdfunding Research: Because it Takes a Village to Fund the Answers, will be presented by Professor Deb Verhoeven from Deakin University from 11.30am to 12.30pm at the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre.

CSU Professor of Information Studies Lisa Given said, "Professor Verhoeven spearheaded crowdfunding of research in Australia.

"In 2013, she was named 'Most Innovative Academic in Australia' by Campus Review, so what better person could speak to us about innovative approaches to research funding?"

Professor Verhoeven started a cutting edge collaboration between her university and the crowdfunding platform, pozible.com, to pilot the financing of research at the university.

Her presentation is free and open to members of the community.

Professor Verhoeven, who is Chair of Media and Communication at Deakin University, will also speak on Downunder on Movies Downunder at Nerd Nite at the Union Hotel in Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga from 7.30pm on Thursday 29 September. Read more here.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran and Emily Malone , (02) 6933 2207

Media Note:

For interviews with Professor Deb Verhoeven from Deakin University, please contact CSU Professor Lisa Given on mobile 0458 340 908.

Professor Verhoeven's presentation Crowdfunding Research: Because it Takes a Village to Fund the Answers will be held from 11.30am to 12.30pm on Wednesday 28 September at the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre, building 412, near car park 63, Mambarra Place, CSU in Wagga Wagga.  

RSVP to wkelly@csu.edu.au

CSU students capture the sounds

Wednesday 21 Sep 2016

Students from the School of Communication and Creative Industries at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Wagga Wagga have captured the sounds of a live orchestra under the guidance of international sound designer, Dr Damian Candusso.

The orchestra, from the Riverina Anglican College (TRAC) in Wagga Wagga under the baton of Ms Clare Brassil, performed a number of pieces in the University's television production studios while CSU students recorded the sounds using the latest technologies.

Dr Candusso, a senior lecturer in sound and multimedia at CSU, said, "This live orchestral recording in Charles Sturt University's recording studio had many benefits.

"It's rare for the Charles Sturt University students to have access to an orchestra, and the TRAC students were able to perform in the state-of-the-art university facilities," Dr Candusso said.

"I hope this live orchestral recording is one of many new initiatives between the School of Communication and Creative Industries and the wider community."

The students were involved in the recording as part of their degrees, the Bachelor of Stage and Screen and the Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design.

Dr Candusso is a multi-award winning sound designer. He has extensive industry experience in music, television and numerous feature films including The Lego Movie, The Great Gatsby, Happy Feet 2, Sanctum, The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ha'Hoole, DaybreakersAustralia and Happy Feet.  

In 2017, CSU will offer a Bachelor of Stage and Screen (Sound Design) and a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Sound Design) through its School of Communication and Creative Industries in Wagga Wagga.

"These new sound design specialisations at Charles Sturt University will allow students to explore all aspects of sound design including, film, television, games, virtual reality, theatre, music technology and more," Dr Candusso said.

Media Contact: Fiona Halloran and Emily Malone , (02) 6933 2207

Media Note:

Media note: The live orchestral recording took place at CSU in Wagga Wagga on Thursday 8 September.

Photos of the event are available from CSU Media.

Photo: CSU academic Dr Damian Candusso briefs the orchestra from the Riverina Anglican College. Photo courtesy of CSU student Ms Jannice Banks.

Annual SPRUNG Festival at CSU in Bathurst

Tuesday 20 Sep 2016

The two-week season of the student-led 2016 SPRUNG Festival at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst opens tomorrow, Wednesday 21 September.

The annual SPRUNG Festival is driven by and features the work of final-year theatre/media students in the CSU School of Communication and Creative Industries.

Seven productions will feature over eight nights at two University venues; the Ponton Theatre and the Creative Hub.

The Festival kicks off with an opening ceremony parade for the family from 6pm at the Ponton Theatre. The parade includes fire, drumming, characters from the shows and large-scale puppets.

Lecturer in theatre/media, Mr Dan Aubin said, "I am amazed at the passion, creativity and effort of the students. The entire Festival is created and organised by them; from the shows to the design and marketing. All the productions are original. We are interested in creating the new.

"The stories they tell give us insight into their view of the world at this interesting time in history."

The first week of the Festival showcases satirical theatre, The Bachelor Wants You!; a modern comedy mystery, The House of Eden; and a comedy play on women on TV, The Glory Days.

Shows during the 2nd week include Clara Jane, a view of indigenous women in the 20th century through dance and dialog; a sci-fi comedy on relationships and death in The Glass House; Relax, a short film giving a modern take on perceptions versus reality; and The Shift, a farcical comedy on 'that time of the year'.

A special feature of this year's event is the 'Women of theatre/media' forum from 10am on Friday 23 September. Theatre/media women graduates return to CSU in Bathurst for a panel discussion on the current climate and future of the theatre and performance industries.

The SPRUNG Festival runs until Saturday 1 October, and online bookings are recommended.

Program details and bookings can be made here.

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 0417 125 795

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

Event at CSU to build respect and safety in Port Macquarie

Friday 16 Sep 2016

Charles Sturt University (CSU) is hosting the Building Respect and Safety event as an opportunity for students, staff and community to keep building a culture of respect.

The Building Respect and Safety event will take place at 4pm on Wednesday 21 September in Room 808.2047 at CSU in Port Macquarie and will include a free viewing of The Hunting Ground. This documentary film exposes the rates of sexual assault at American universities and provides a chance to discuss the issues of safety, respect and consent.

CSU Student Liaison Officer (Equity), Ms Cathy Woodhead said, "Students are invited to attend this event which will culminate in an open discussion on the issue, led by professionals from the local Port Macquarie Hastings community who respond to sexual assault.

"Charles Sturt University hopes to be one organisation taking the lead to prevent sexual violence in our community and we are hoping this screening and conversation will continue to strengthen the University as a place of respect and understanding."

Building Respect and Safety at CSU in Port Macquarie is part of the University's roll out of the Australia wide campaign Respect. Now. Always. which strives to prevent sexual assault and harassment in university communities.  

As well as the screening of The Hunting Ground and discussion of the issues of sexual assault and harassment, CSU will be providing guests with a pizza supper.

For students and staff members at CSU, a website has been developed to provide them with resources, information, the opportunity to get involved in the campaign, advice for how to help, and how to report and access support services www.csu.edu.au/respect.

Media Contact: Polly McDougall, 02 6933 4565

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media for more information.

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