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Waiting for speech pathology: CSU research

Thursday 13 Sep 2018

Are you concerned with the time it takes for your child to get speech pathology services in the Goulburn Valley?

Charles Sturt University (CSU) doctoral student, Mrs Nicole McGill, is seeking your help in exploring how to best support children and families who are waiting for speech therapy.

“Children in the Goulburn Valley often wait up to 12 months to see a speech pathologist in the public system, and they can miss out on the benefits of early detection and intervention for speech and language difficulties,” said Mrs McGill, who also lives and works in the region as a speech pathologist.

In her research study, Mrs McGill is investigating the effectiveness of offering speech pathology assessments earlier for children aged between three and six years, rather than waiting up to 12 months for an assessment by a speech pathologist.

“As part of the study, we offer an assessment, a report, and a 6-month follow up assessment for eligible children while they are on the waiting list for speech therapy.  This means families can find out how well their child’s speech sounds and language skills are developing, far sooner than they usually would at the community health centre.

“We acknowledge that people on waiting lists for health care, including speech pathology, can experience feelings of stress, uncertainty and powerlessness. We want to know what the experience is like for families and how we can best support children and families while they wait for speech therapy.”

“We are looking for children aged between three and six years whose parents are concerned about their speech or language development. This may include children who are hard to understand and have difficulty producing clear speech sounds, or children who have trouble putting sentences together and following instructions.”

Mrs McGill noted, however, that there are some children who are not eligible to participate in her study.

“Children with complex communication and developmental needs or diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder or a diagnosed hearing loss are not eligible to participate in the research,” she said.

“And children must live within the Goulburn Valley Health catchment area, which includes Shepparton, Tatura, Numurkah, Euroa, Murchison, and Nathalia.”

To take part in the study, please call Ms Catherine Teskera at Community Health Speech Pathology, Goulburn Valley Health, on 1800 222 582 to make a referral. Enquiries can also be directed to Mrs Nicole McGill via email nmcgill@csu.edu.au. Recruitment for this study closes on 30 September.

The assessments as part of this study are completed at the community health centre in Shepparton.

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 0417 125 795

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews with Mrs Nicole McGill, who is based in Shepparton, Victoria.

Read a past story on the project here.

Photo of Nicole McGill by Kellie Crosier Photography.

First residential in Port Macquarie for policing students

Thursday 13 Sep 2018

  • * NSW Police recruits undertaking the online offering in the NSW policing degree can now complete their compulsory residential sessions in Port Macquarie.
  • * First residential to be held at CSU in Port Macquarie on Friday 14 September.
  • * NSW Police Force now coming to the candidates to attract more country recruits.

Policing students undertaking the Associate Degree in Policing Practice offered online by Charles Sturt University (CSU) and the NSW Police are getting the opportunity to undertake their compulsory residential sessions on the NSW Mid North Coast.

Students in the online option of the Associate Degree will start their first residential school at CSU in Port Macquarie on Friday 14 September.

While the first session of the course is offered full time at the NSW Police Academy in Goulburn, NSW, students seeking to enter the NSW Police Force can choose to study Session One online while they continue work in the community. Those studying online must also attend residential ‘phases’ to complete the course requirements for the first session.

Commander of the NSW Police Academy, Chief Superintendent Rod Smith, said until now the residential phases were all conducted at the Police Academy.

“We have created more opportunities for people to join the NSW Police Force and have developed a program that will allow the residential phases to be conducted remotely,” said Chief Superintendent Smith.

A total of 35 students have enrolled in the online course to start their journey to become a NSW Police Officer, the largest online group since 2014. After completing the first session, the students will study full time at the Goulburn academy for 16 weeks.

“It is encouraging to see people from the Coast take up the offer and commence their study to become a police officer,” Chief Superintendent Smith said.

“The offering of residential phases at Port Macquarie minimises the time spent away from home, allowing them to continue to work while completing the first part of the course.”

Executive Dean of the CSU Faculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural Sciences, Professor Tracey Green, said the University worked closely with NSW Police Force on this initiative.

“Charles Sturt University is delighted to facilitate this ADPP offering at our campus at Port Macquarie.

“We wholeheartedly support the initiative of NSW Police to make a policing career more accessible to people living in regional NSW,” Professor Green said.

The NSW Police Recruitment Branch are also taking the entry assessments to the country. Testing has been conducted at Kempsey, Bathurst and Dubbo to date, with more sites scheduled throughout the remainder of the year. Applicants receive physical capacity and psychometric testing as well as face-to-face interviews.

“In the past, applicants were required to travel to Sydney to take part in these tests. In an attempt to attract more country recruits and streamline the process, we are now coming to the candidates,” Chief Superintendent Smith said.

The NSW Police Academy currently has 730 policing students studying full time on the Associate Degree of Policing Practice at Goulburn, with a further 55 studying for the Associate Degree online.

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 0417 125 795

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews with CSU Executive Dean, Professor Tracey Green.

Sprightly SPRUNG Festival set to sizzle at CSU in Bathurst

Wednesday 12 Sep 2018

* Multiple productions and performances during the last two weeks of September

* Opening Ceremony from 6pm to 8pm on Wednesday 19 September is an evening of free entertainment starting with free barbeque, then a twenty-minute outdoor performance with fire twirling, large-scale puppets, dancing, and percussion

* Festival to showcase five original productions

The annual 2018 SPRUNG Festival of Creativity will leap to life at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst from Wednesday 19 to Saturday 29 September.

The SPRUNG Festival is the work of theatre media students in the CSU School of Communication and Creative Industries in Bathurst and Cycle Productions. It involves dozens of students from all years and multiple productions and performances during the last two weeks of September.

This year’s festival showcases the creative performance works of third-year theatre media students and will include five original shows each with a running time of 40 to 50 minutes.

The Opening Ceremony on the Wednesday 19 September is a free evening of entertainment appropriate for the whole family, as part of the CSU Future Moves Community Fun Night.

The event runs from 6pm to 8pm and starts with a free barbeque. It will feature a twenty-minute outdoor performance with fire twirling, large-scale puppets, dancing, and percussion, followed by live music and the festival bar.

This is the third SPRUNG festival for final-year theatre media student Ms Sienna Dillon who is the 2018 festival coordinator and spokesperson.

“It is so rewarding seeing all years of theatre media working towards the same goal,” Ms Dillon said.

“Taking on the festival coordination for my final university role has been a tricky but rewarding experience. This year, we invite the Bathurst community to enter Festival though the elegant outdoor area of the Ponton Theatre courtyard.

“Here they will be immersed in the exotic wonderland themed garden, where they will enjoy live music acts, the inexpensive bar between the shows, with the featured performing artist Bathurst’s own Ms Gabbi Bolt (pictured left).”

The festival program includes:

* Rumble (a scene pictured above) − An immersive, chose-your-own adventure theatre experience into the Amazon, featuring an interactive app

* Schapelle, Schapelle − The musical, Corby’s adventure from ‘Brissie to Bali’

* In Between − A drama, where in the world of subconscious grief takes shape

* I Will Be King − A scripted psychological thriller interwoven with dance

* Sexpectatations − A verbatim and documentary-style theatre production exploring masculinity and femininity.

In addition to the festival’s evening performances, the organisers are offering a special ticket price of $5 to encourage CSU staff to attend weekday matinee performances of two of the productions:

* In Between, at 11am Wednesday 19 September

* Rumble, 11am Wednesday 26 September

Tickets for the 2018 SPRUNG Festival are $15 for adults and $10 for students, and can be booked online here: https://www.sprungfestival.com/buy-tickets

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, 0418 669 362

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

CSU reopens Riverina Playhouse

Wednesday 12 Sep 2018

  • CSU Riverina Playhouse re-opens Saturday 15 September after more than $3.5 million in improvements
  • Media are invited to tour the refurbished venue at 11am Friday 14 September
  • Improvements include seating, air-conditioning and improved facilities for theatre performance and presentation

A new act opens on the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Riverina Playhouse with its reopening on 15 September after building work completed to ensure its long-term future as a teaching and performance space.

CSU Division of Facilities Management (DFM) Executive Director Stephen Butt said prior to undertaking the work the University completed a significant review of the Playhouse where it identified over $3.5 million in improvements that were needed for the venue to continue for another 20 years.

“Charles Sturt University undertook a comprehensive review of the building by working closely with the community.

As a result of the review it became clear the Riverina Playhouse was a vital part of the Wagga Wagga creative community and a vital teaching resource for the University,” Mr Butt said.

CSU Riverina Playhouse Manager John Jones said the venue had a history and connection with the Wagga Wagga community as well as students.

“The Riverina Playhouse was opened in 1986 and for many locals it has become a venue that supports the Wagga Wagga performance community.

The refurbished building will strengthen its role in servicing the needs of the community, provide Charles Sturt University acting and design students with an industry quality teaching resource and it will be a home for the University Theatre Ensemble,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said the completed works vastly improved the comfort of the venue with new seating and air conditioning, but most importantly too it enhanced the University’s performance and presentation ability.

“The improvements to the Riverina Playhouse will make it a more attractive venue for performances by CSU students and the Wagga Wagga community as well as ensure it meets compliance and licencing requirements,” Mr Jones said.

Media are invited to tour the refurbished venue at 11am Friday 14 September ahead of its opening on Saturday 15 September at 6.30pm.

Following its re-opening the CSU Riverina Playhouse is looking forward to a packed three months as the University Theatre Ensemble will stage three productions over six weeks. This will be followed by “In the Spotlight” a production throughout November to raise funds for the Specialist Medical Resources Foundation, Darren Coggan returns with another show that has almost sold out, American Ragtime pianist Adam Swanson, and LIOR in early December.

Working around the University Theatre Ensemble and CSU teaching program the Riverina Playhouse has interest for local and touring performances over 2019 and as far out as 2020.

Media Contact: Chris Gillies, 0439 068 752

Media Note:
Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

New AgriTech innovators to pitch their initiatives in Wagga Wagga

Friday 7 Sep 2018

* New entrepreneurs will present their initiatives at a ‘Pitch Evening’ at CSU AgriTech Incubator on Monday 10 September in Wagga Wagga

* Media opportunity at 10am with founder of Outback Wings which will provide animal health care and 24-hour emergency vet services across a 7.69 million square-kilometre area

* Guest speaker at the ‘Pitch Night’ is an internationally recognized food systems innovation expert and CEO of AgThentic, a global food and agriculture strategy firm

Six more emerging entrepreneurs from across the Riverina will present their initiatives at a ‘Pitch Evening’ at the Charles Sturt University (CSU) AgriTech Incubator on Monday 10 September in Wagga Wagga.

Earlier that day a media opportunity at 10am at the AgriTech Incubator, building 6, CSU Wagga Wagga (car park 11) is available to meet AgriTech Incubator participant and founder of Outback Wings, Ms Mackenzie Bond, a first-year CSU student studying a Bachelor of Animal Science.

AgriTech Incubator project officer Ms Siobhain Howard said, “The emerging entrepreneurs have been developing their business ideas at the third CSU AgriTech Incubator program.

“The AgriTech Incubator aims to spark innovation and economic development in the Riverina region by supporting the development of start-up companies and facilitating innovation within small-to-medium-sized enterprises by providing access to University expertise and facilities.

“While the AgriTech Incubator specifically encourages start-ups seeking to leverage new technologies from ‘farm to fork’, it is open to participation by any ‘tech-enabled’ regional start-up.

“The current cohort of start-up founders have been refining their business concept in a supportive and collaborative environment at the University in Wagga Wagga.

“Participants have been working on a number of diverse ideas, ranging from food labelling to a disruptive insurance platform and veterinary services for the outback.

“The Incubator Program concludes with a ‘Pitch Evening’ on 10 September, with participants having five minutes to pitch their business idea to the audience.”

The guest speaker at the ‘Pitch Night’ is Ms Sarah Nolet, an internationally recognized food systems innovation expert and the CEO of AgThentic, a global food and agriculture strategy firm. Ms Nolet has been instrumental in building the early stage agtech ecosystem in Australia. She has advised dozens of start-ups, designed accelerator programs, and consulted to established agribusinesses, as well as helping industry, universities, and government to develop and implement forward-looking initiatives in food system innovation.

Agritech Incubator participant Ms Mackenzie Bond (pictured left), a first year CSU student studying a bachelor of Animal Science, is the founder of Outback Wings. Outback Wings will aim to provide animal health care and reliable 24-hour emergency vet services across a 7.69 million square-kilometre area and is inspired by the Royal Flying Doctors Service of Australia. The services will aid sustainable crop and stock feed production, as well as growth in commercial livestock enterprises. Outback Wings is dedicated to improving animal health and biosecurity in rural and remote regions of Australia.

More information can be found at: http://innovate.csu.edu.au/incubators/agritech

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, 0418 669 362

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

The CSU AgriTech Incubator was enabled by the generous financial support of the New South Wales Government through the Department of Industry’s, Boosting Business Innovation Program with co-investment by the University.

The AgriTech Incubator is just one of CSU’s initiatives supporting entrepreneurship in regional New South Wales, along with the CenWest Innovate in Bathurst and the Walan Mayinygu Indigenous Entrepreneurship Pop-Up Innovation Hub in Albury-Wodonga.

Two free business workshops in Bathurst

Thursday 6 Sep 2018

* Free masterclasses designed for people looking for a career in business

* Will help create resumes and job applications for business professions

* Held on successive evenings in mid-September at CSU in Bathurst

Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Bathurst is offering two free workshops for aspiring business people in the central west on the evenings of Thursday 13 and Friday 14 September.

The ‘Business Career’ workshops focus on how to create a professional resume, and how to write a job application that gets an applicant shortlisted for a job.

The workshop masterclasses will be delivered by CSU’s Career Development Service led by Ms Cecilia Hunt, and are for people interested in a career in business and who are wanting support in the application process.

“The workshops are part of the University’s commitment to support the community,” Ms Hunt said.

“We aim to engage with people who really want a career in business but might be at the early stages of that journey, and also those who are looking to apply for a promotion or transition into the business sector.

“If participants are interested in further related study and feel they would benefit from supported learning and the co-curricular and industry connection approach, they might also be interested in the new degree, the Bachelor of Business (Industry Professional Practice).”

Anyone interested to attend either or both of the free workshops needs to register on the Eventbrite site as places are limited: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/business-career-workshops-tickets-49675667258

Choose to attend one or both workshops across two evenings:

Workshop 1: Create a professional resume, from 5.30pm to 7pm on Thursday 13 September Register for this free masterclass to learn how to write a professional resume for your career in business.

Workshop 2: Write a job application that gets shortlisted, from 5.30pm to 7pm on Friday 14 September 5.30pm to 7pm

Book now to learn insider tips for creating a strong job application to get shortlisted for an interview in your business career.

Email CSU's Career Development Service for more information about how the University supports students.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, 0418 669 362

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

CSU event in Wagga invites you to imagine your digital life

Thursday 6 Sep 2018

* CSU forum to explore new technologies that shape people’s digital lives

* Speakers include industry experts renowned in their fields

Charles Sturt University (CSU) will present the second in a series of community forums in Wagga Wagga to explore technologies that are already part of our daily digital lives and how they will continue to shape society

The ‘Your Digital Life – can you imagine?’ forum is presented by the uImagine team in the CSU Division of Learning and Teaching in Wagga Wagga on Wednesday 12 September.

uImagine’s Mr Tim Klapdor said the event was opens to adults, business people, educators and the broader community of the Riverina region.

“The advent of digital technologies is impacting many aspects of our lives now and in the future,” Mr Klapdor said. “This forum is designed to create an awareness of how drones, augmented reality, and virtual reality can impact the way we learn, live, and participate in the world around us.”

“Participants will be guided by industry experts renowned in their fields. These specialists will explore how our lives are being impacted in ways most of us never imagined.”

The ‘Your Digital Life – can you imagine?’ event offers the opportunity to:

* learn about new technologies that can shape people’s digital lives

* experience virtual reality, and try augmented reality

* see different types of drones and how they are used

Mr Klapdor said that if people can’t attend in person but would like to experience the forum online they can register at Eventbrite to watch the livestreamed event.

Register at https://tinyurl.com/YourDigitalLife

Watch the Livestream via http://waggawagga.tv/

This uImagine forum is supported by community partners, including Wagga Wagga City Council; Wagga Wagga TV; The Wagga Weekly; Jar Aero-Space; Essential Energy; Awe Media; and the CSU AgriTech Incubator.

The ‘Your Digital Life – can you imagine?’ event is from 4.30pm to 8.30pm at Wagga Wagga Council Chambers, corner of Baylis and Morrow Streets, Wagga Wagga.

Find out more about uImagine events here: https://uimagine.edu.au/events/

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, 0418 669 362

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

Policing students donate to local hospital and charity in Goulburn

Thursday 6 Sep 2018

* Policing students raise $3,000 charity donation

* Goulburn’s ‘Angels For The Forgotten’ and Goulburn Base Hospital benefit

Donations by students in the Charles Sturt University (CSU) School of Policing Studies at the NSW Police Academy in Goulburn have made a local charity and hospital very happy.

Student liaison officer (Engagement and Appeals) in the CSU Division of Student Services Ms Dee Carroll  said students at the NSW Police Academy are offered the chance to donate to a charity chosen by the Student Representative Council after consultation with the student cohort.

“During every academic session the students undertaking the Associate Degree in Policing Practice (ADPP) are enthusiastic to contribute to the local community where they are living and learning.

“During the previous session (May to August 2018), the students chose two worthy recipients.

“The students collected and purchased warm clothing and non-perishable foods for ‘Angels For The Forgotten’ in Goulburn, and made a sizeable cash donation to the paediatric ward at Goulburn Base Hospital.

“The total funds raised during the session came to the amount of $3,003. This is an amazing effort, and we are very proud of the students here at the NSW Police Academy for their generosity and community spirit.”

The goods donated to the Angels For The Forgotten came to a total value of $1,163.

Ms Melina Skidmore from Angels For The Forgotten was overwhelmed by the response from the students and said, “This time of year was perfect to receive a donation of this size and it is very much appreciated”.

Student representatives and the principal of the Academy presented a cheque for $1,840 to staff at the hospital for use in the paediatric ward.

The General Manager of Goulburn Base Hospital Mr Denis Thomas was invited to attend the student dinner to receive the official cheque. He thanked the students for their generosity and said the donation will be used to buy bravery awards for the children in the paediatric ward.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, 0418 669 362

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

Top photo: Policing students and staff with goods donated and Ms Melina Skidmore (centre, front) from Angels For The Forgotten.

Lower photo: Policing students and staff present the cheque to Goulburn Base Hospital general manager Mr Denis Thomas (at right).

Place of welcome and healing gets green edge at CSU

Wednesday 5 Sep 2018

A place for welcome and strengthening community relations will further grow on Friday 7 September when students from Trinity Anglican College at Thurgoona work at Charles Sturt University (CSU) to plant native shrubs and bush tucker plants around the Wongamaa Gathering Area.

Located on the Thurgooona site of CSU in Albury-Wodonga, the Wongamaa Gathering Area is a collaborative project between the local Wiradjuri elders and community, CSU staff and students, the Woolshed Thurgoona Landcare Group and the broader Thurgoona community.

When fully developed, the area will be an important site where the Wiradjuri community can welcome visitors and new residents, and CSU students and lecturers can experience Wiradjuri Culture. In addition, CSU will also strengthen its relationships with the Wiradjuri and broader Aboriginal community.

Starting at 1pm, Trinity students will plant native plants around the site supervised by Wiradjuri woman, Leonie McIntosh, CSU ground staff and members of the Woolshed Thurgoona Landcare Group.

Aunty Denise McGrath, Wiradjuri elder and daughter of Wongamaa (the late Pastor Ces Grant), will also be on hand during the planting.

In the previous month, the school students, CSU staff and students and Landcare volunteers prepared the site and removed encroaching weeds.

Appropriate plant species and planting techniques are guided by representatives of the Wiradjuri community and Woolshed Thurgoona Landcare Group.

While planting will commence in September this year, it is expected that plantings will continue until the official opening ceremony due in December 2019.

Media Contact: Wes Ward, 0417 125 795

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews with Aunty Denise McGrath, the Woolshed Thurgoona Landcare Group, and CSU representative in the project Dr John Rafferty.

Sky Stories stargazing event at CSU in Orange

Wednesday 5 Sep 2018

* Stargazing fun for everyone at CSU in Orange

* Expert local astronomers and Indigenous storytellers

* Enjoy Aboriginal dance, music, traditional food, and barbeque

Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Orange will host an evening of astronomy and storytelling on Wednesday 12 September.

Head of Campus Dr Heather Robinson said the free ‘Sky Stories’ event will combine guidance from expert astronomers and Indigenous storytelling against the beautiful backdrop of Girinyalanha Park located within the University campus.

“Sky Stories is a melding of Western science and Aboriginal knowledge – a chance to look at the stars and see them from two perspectives. There’ll be an acknowledgement of country by Mr Michael Newman and Wiradjuri sky stories as told by Mr Doug Sutherland,” Dr Robinson said.

“Stargaze through a telescope with local astronomers Mr Rod Somerville from the Orange Planetarium, and Mr Ray Pickard from Bathurst Observatory Research Facility.

“Bring along a rug or chair, and enjoy Aboriginal dance, music, traditional food by Gerald Power of Indigenous Cultural Adventures and a barbeque at this family event.”

Sky Stories is from 5.30pm to 8.30pm on Wednesday 12 September at Charles Sturt University, Leeds Parade, Orange. Parking available in P1, P2 or P3 and follow the event signs to Girinyalanha Park.

More information on the event page is here; https://news.csu.edu.au/events/orange/sky-stories-community-observation-night‚Äč

Sky Stories is presented by CSU Explorations Series and Future Moves and is supported by our community partners; Orange Local Aboriginal Land Council, Orange Planetarium, and Bathurst Observatory Research Facility.

Media Contact: Bruce Andrews, 0418 669 362

Media Note:

Contact CSU Media to arrange interviews.

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