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Let’s support our senior women

Friday, 8 Mar 2019

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today (Friday 8 March), A CSU ageing expert reminds us to remember a group of women who are often lost in the media landscape.

The difficult balancing act in the Murray Darling Basin

Thursday, 21 Feb 2019

CSU irrigation expert Dr Phil Eberbach discusses in Open Forum the recent catastrophic fish kills in the Darling River and the sobering reality of managing an arid zone river basin with a highly variable climate.

The Crown is Māori too - citizenship, sovereignty and the Treaty of Waitangi

Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019

Politics expert Dominic O'Sullivan discusses the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi in The Conversation, and it's importance to New Zealand and its Māori people.

The Syrian war is not over, it’s just on a new trajectory: here’s what you need to know

Thursday, 7 Feb 2019

December 2018 marked a significant shift in the Syrian conflict, and CSU's Mehmet Ozalp discusses the regional and international implications in The Conversation.

Adapting to secondary school: why the physical environment is important too

Wednesday, 6 Feb 2019

School is back, so students new to secondary school will be beginning to adapt to their new school environments. CSU education researcher Dr Brendon Hyndman discusses what to look for in The Conversation.

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