CSU student recognised in Australian Photography Awards

22 OCTOBER 2018

Charles Sturt University (CSU) student Mr Luke Fazekas has won Best Student Photo in the 2018 Australian Photography Awards.

Charles Sturt University (CSU) student Mr Luke Fazekas has won Best Student Photo in the 2018 Australian Photography Awards.

Mr Fazekas who is a photography student in the CSU School of Communication and Creative Industries said the Australian Photography Awards recognition was a great honour because it’s highly competitive due to the many great images submitted each year.

“As a student, it is great to receive recognition for my hard work,” Mr Fazekas said.

The winning image was taken by Mr Fazekas when he came across a woman taking a brief work break as he walked through the Kazan Cathedral in Russia.

“I’m always on the lookout for quirky scenes - pieces that don’t quite fit together and juxtaposing concepts,” Mr Fazekas said.

“I had to look twice when I saw the subject in the position that she was. I actually had a film camera on me but didn’t want to miss capturing the shot, so I pulled out my mobile phone for a less conspicuous and quicker opportunity”.

This quirkiness and composition were not lost on the Australian Photography Awards judges who described the work thus:

“The composition is well thought out, the Mother Mary soaring above in a majestic piece of art that is possibly about 10 to 12 feet in height! The juxtaposition between this revered piece of artwork and the humble cleaning lady, with wardrobe similarities of her own, is a very cleverly seen and captured one. The rich blues of Mary’s outfit match that of the cleaning lady and both wonderful ladies have their own form of veil. While this juxtaposition is the key ingredient that makes the photograph, the concept is given space to breathe within the composition where other details can give more hints as to the environment this lady works in, the Kazan Cathedral in Russia.”

Mr Fazekas said he became interested in photography as it gave him a way to tell stories and to capture moments.

“My photography has evolved into an exploration of space and time,” he said.

“I look at the world slightly differently as I've begun to appreciate shadows, lines and textures. I enjoy seeing life through a viewfinder and sharing that with others.

“Getting to use different formats such as film and digital media has developed into a really enjoyable hobby, one in which I only hope I have the chance to pursue as a career down the track,” Mr Fazekas said.

The Australian Photography Awards was created by photographers and has seven categories open to photographers to submit their work.

Follow Mr Fazekas on Instagram or go to his website to view his amazing work.

Photo credit: (Top) Australian Photography Awards 2018 Best Student photo taken by Luke Fazekas.

(Bottom) Luke Fazekas behind the camera.

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Chris Gillies, 0439 068 752

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