Australia's Landcare under international scrutiny

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

Australian Landcare expert, Professor Allan CurtisA Japanese university is seeking to extend the success of Australia’s Landcare movement, with its history of practical on-the-ground projects that protect the environment and maintain agricultural production. Ms Tomomi Maekawa, who is a fellow with Charles Sturt University’s Institute for Land Water and Society (ILWS) and PhD student with Tokyo Institute of Technology, will be joined by her supervisor Professor Toshio Kuwako from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Professor Michael Seigel from Nanzan University and another Japanese expert, as well as the chair of Australian Landcare International Mr Rob Youl. During their stay on the Border, the visitors will meet with local Landcare groups and ILWS research professor Allan Curtis, Australia’s leading expert on the Landcare movement. The group will visit the Institute on Monday 16 September to discuss Ms Tomomi’s study of Landcare with Professor Curtis.

Media contact: Wes Ward, 02 6051 9906

Media Note:
For interviews with the Japanese delegates, Ms Maekawa or Professor Allan Curtis, contact CSU Media. The CSU and Japanese group will be available for interviews at 12noon on Monday 16 September at CSU&rsquo