What you need to know about tapeworm

1 JANUARY 2003

If the thought of a 25 metre tapeworm is enough to make you squirm then a seminar by Dr David Jenkins from Charles Sturt University’s (CSU) School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences may give a new perspective on these parasites. The Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation is hosting the seminar, ‘What you should know about tapeworms but were too afraid to ask’ in Wagga Wagga on Thursday 19 April.  In his entertaining presentation, Dr Jenkins will examine the life cycles of taeniid cestodes, a group of tapeworm of medical and veterinary importance. These tapeworms infect humans and animals, ranging in size from 3 millimetres to 25 metres. A Senior Research Fellow at CSU, Dr Jenkins has spent 30 years researching tapeworm and hydatid control in Australia and overseas. “Along with providing information about a selection of these wonderful animals, the seminar will give a few life style suggestions to reduce your chances of becoming infected at home or abroad,” he said.

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