Grape & wine science

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Bottling of new CSU wines

Wednesday 22 Feb 2017

The clink of glass on the bottling line will mark the beginning of a new era of winemaking at CSU this week.

Optimising grape harvest for wine style

Tuesday 9 Aug 2016

A smartphone app to help wine grape-growers and winemakers decide when to irrigate and harvest is being developed by CSU researchers.

Brexit offers benefits, challenges for Australian agriculture

Wednesday 29 Jun 2016

CSU business experts believe the decision by British voters to exit the EU offers benefits and challenges for Australian agriculture.

Copper at the right time is more beneficial for wine

Friday 4 Mar 2016

CSU research is giving winemakers new insight into how timing the use of copper can work more effectively to remove an unpleasant smell that's sometimes created during fermentation.

40 years of wine science education

Wednesday 25 Nov 2015

Raise a glass and toast CSU celebrating 40 years of educating professionals for the wine industry.

Low-alcohol wine that tastes good

Tuesday 29 Sep 2015

Wine that's low in alcohol but big in flavour - that's what people want according to research by CSU consumer sensory scientist Professor Anthony Saliba.

ARC grant for wine research at CSU

Wednesday 8 Jul 2015

A new two-year study led by a CSU researcher will aim to change the way the Australian wine industry puts research into practice.

Commercial vineyards at CSU to return to farmland

Thursday 30 Apr 2015

CSU will return its commercial vineyards in Orange and Wagga Wagga to farmland as it discontinues commercial wine production.

Measuring nutrients in grapevines

Wednesday 8 Apr 2015

Research undertaken by the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre at CSU in Wagga Wagga has paved the way for a quick and low-cost method of measuring the concentration of nutrients in grapevines.

Research to bring full-flavour to low alcohol wine

Tuesday 31 Mar 2015

A research project at CSU is aiming to create a full-flavour low alcohol wine.

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