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CSU research probes historic Justice Murphy ‘The Age Tapes’ documents

Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017

A CSU research student hopes to unravel findings in 30-year old embargoed documents surrounding scandals involving former High Court Justice Lionel Murphy.

Valuing people’s well-being as benefits and costs

Monday, 16 Jan 2017

Accurately valuing the social benefits and costs of community changes has proven elusive for policy and economic decision makers until a CSU research project.

Studying chickpea use in India

Monday, 16 Jan 2017

The push to develop the market for Australian chickpeas in India is drawing on the expertise of a CSU psychology researcher to understand what consumers want.

CSU science graduate tags new career prospects

Thursday, 12 Jan 2017

Studying science at Charles Sturt University (CSU) led Ms Bettina Grieve on a two-month adventure tagging fish in the Mekong River, giving her an appreciation of international scientific collaboration.

Why are our most vulnerable children turning to crime?

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2017

CSU researchers have been awarded a national grant to investigate why the Australian welfare and justice systems are turning some of the most vulnerable children into criminals.

Ministers’ questionable travel entitlements – any end in sight?

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2017

A CSU academic says alleged misuse of parliamentary travel entitlements by Ministers needs prompt and decisive action by the Prime Minister.

CSU graduate bridges the cultural divide in regional Australia

Monday, 9 Jan 2017

A former refugee, hailed as a man of courage and a wise leader, has received his postgraduate degree from CSU after postponing his own education for his family.

Leading playwright to pen play for CSU students

Thursday, 22 Dec 2016

A leading Australian playwright and screen writer will pen a play for CSU students to produce and perform in 2017.

Mistletoe not just for Christmas

Tuesday, 20 Dec 2016

A kiss under the mistletoe is a Christmas tradition but for a CSU scientist studying this parasitic plant is a year-round obsession.

Emeritus Professor honour for international educator

Wednesday, 1 Jan 2003

In a teaching and academic career spanning more than 45 years, CSU Emeritus Professor Bob Perry has nurtured the next generation of educational researchers.

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