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It’s a multilingual world

Tuesday 26 Aug 2014

Charles Sturt University (CSU) research shows that speech pathologists need appropriate resources to properly provide services to their increasingly multilingual communities.

Modern maths for an ancient place

Friday 1 Aug 2014

A program led by CSU is making inroads into mathematics education in the isolated and ancient Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Early childhood maths adds up for CSU academic

Thursday 19 Jun 2014

Driven by a personal philosophy that mathematics education must be meaningful, Charles Sturt University (CSU) academic Dr Amy MacDonald set out to inspire early childhood educators to engage with mathematics.

Indigenous children learning languages

Friday 16 May 2014

A research paper by a Charles Sturt University (CSU) PhD student highlights opportunities for the revitalisation of Indigenous languages and areas for further support and investment.

Speech pathology services urgently needed

Friday 7 Mar 2014

Charles Sturt University (CSU) experts have called on state and federal governments to address the national shortage of speech pathology services for people experiencing communication difficulties.

Wiradjuri language program underway at CSU

Tuesday 4 Feb 2014

An Aboriginal man arrested while speaking Wiradjuri to his young grandson in country NSW last century has been described as the 'real force' behind a new university course in the Indigenous language.

Caregivers' communication choices for children with hearing loss

Wednesday 18 Dec 2013

Research by a Charles Sturt University (CSU) PhD graduate provides insight into how parents make a range of decisions, and what those decisions are, when their baby is born with hearing loss.

Contributing to the maths education culture

Wednesday 6 Nov 2013
A condition known as 'maths anxiety' is one that Dr Ajay Ramful hopes fewer children will experience as a result of his research being undertaken at CSU.

Early classroom experience for teaching students

Tuesday 17 Sep 2013
An innovative research project by CSU academics Dr Christine Edwards-Groves and Ms Rhonda Hoare has been recognised nationally.

CSU researcher puts bang in public bucks

Tuesday 23 Jul 2013
A CSU academic from Wagga Wagga will play a key role in a federally-funded project exploring how best to measure the impact of publically-funded research.

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