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CSU pharmacy students elected to represent peers

Wednesday 15 Jul 2015

A pharmacy student from CSU has been elected to head the peak body for pharmacy students across Australia, the National Australian Pharmacy Students' Association.

Restoring smiles in Cambodia

Monday 13 Jul 2015

The figures from an international study trip to Cambodia by 12 CSU students are impressive. The dental science and oral health students treated 557 patients, mainly children, with another 95 consultations during the international study experience in June and July.

Olives and the Alzheimer’s brain

Wednesday 24 Jun 2015

Research at CSU is examining the potential benefits of olive fruit and leaf compounds in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Food allergy study at CSU

Tuesday 16 Jun 2015
New research is underway at CSU into what it is like to live with a food allergy.

Paramedic students put training to work

Wednesday 20 May 2015

From treating elite athletes through to applying band-aids for spectators, CSU paramedic students put their training to good use at the recent Australian Ironman in Port Macquarie.

Public safety first - nursing academic standards

Monday 27 Apr 2015

A leading nursing academic at CSU is concerned about allegations of poor standards at some universities aired by the ABC TV Four Corners program on Monday 20 April.

Make immunisation mandatory

Wednesday 15 Apr 2015

CSU medical ethicist Dr Alberto Giubilini believes making child immunisation mandatory would be a better policy than withholding welfare payments.

Pain-relieving research awarded on international stage

Monday 30 Mar 2015

CSU lecturer Dr Rahena Akhter has been recognised with an award at the world's biggest dentistry conference.

Professional recognition entices CSU paramedics to London

Thursday 26 Mar 2015

The CSU paramedic graduates recently recruited to work with the London Ambulance Service will enjoy professional registration, something denied them in Australia.

More CSU paramedics recruited to London

Wednesday 25 Mar 2015

London Ambulance Service offered jobs to 55 CSU paramedic graduates or third-year students when it visited Melbourne and Sydney in March to recruit Australian paramedics.

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