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Tool to bridge the communication divide

Wednesday 5 Apr 2017

A CSU researcher has developed a tool to help multicultural research teams find the best ways of communicating with colleagues in developing countries.

Master prepares IT workers for cloud nine

Thursday 2 Feb 2017

As cloud computing becomes more important in the IT industry, CSU has joined IT Masters to create Australia's first Masters degree focused on cloud computing and virtualisation.

New videos unravel ethical dilemmas in the ICT sector

Monday 21 Nov 2016

A series of interactive videos developed by CSU to help information and communications technology professionals tackle ethical questions has been launched by the Australian Computer Society.

Census concerns well founded: CSU cybersecurity expert

Wednesday 3 Aug 2016

Concerns regarding the security of information posted online for this year's census are well founded, says a cybersecurity expert at CSU.

Welcome investment in cyber-security strategy

Thursday 21 Apr 2016

The $230 million dollar strategy to boost Australia's cyber-security has been described as a good first step by a CSU expert.

Cyber security gets a jolt in Panama Papers

Friday 1 Apr 2016

A CSU academic says the massive data breach known as 'The Panama Papers' detailing the use of offshore tax havens by the global elite  highlights its significance for our interconnected world.

Digital forensics the new black

Friday 23 Oct 2015
Digital forensics has leapt to the top of CSU's most popular short courses as cybercrime becomes increasingly relevant to everyday lives.

IS hacking a lesson for all in online security

Wednesday 12 Aug 2015

The recent online hacking by Islamic State (IS) should serve as a lesson in password and username safety for individuals and employers, a CSU cyber security expert says.

Entrepreneurs key to Australia’s technology future

Tuesday 16 Jun 2015

The best argument for teaching computer science and coding in primary schools is the speed at which young children naturally take to digital technology, according to a CSU expert.

Cyber security hot topic in Wagga

Thursday 4 Jun 2015

Cyber security experts from around Australia will convene in Wagga Wagga this week at a symposium hosted by CSU.

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