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CSU invites students to try IT doctorate for free

Thursday 11 Apr 2013
CSU is offering a free, five week long, online course to give prospective students a sense of what it would be like to undertake an IT doctorate.

Lonely people share more online

Wednesday 1 Jan 2003

Lonely people are more likely to disclose sensitive personal information on Facebook than those who feel connected according to new Charles Sturt University (CSU) research.

CSU asserts leadership in IT

Wednesday 3 Feb 2016

CSU has increased its leadership in university IT courses in both the undergraduate and postgraduate sectors.

Assume your pictures are public

Wednesday 1 Jan 2003

Don't use an internet connected device to take any photo you wouldn't want publicly seen says CSU IT security expert Dr Tanveer Zia.

Generous donation leads to $6 million boost to scholarships

Tuesday 17 May 2016

In an act of incredible generosity, Carole and Stanley Droder have bequeathed more than $3 million to the CSU Foundation to provide scholarships to residential undergraduate students.

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