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What might a Trump presidency mean for Muslims

Friday 11 Nov 2016

A Trump presidency will have unforeseen consequences for just about every interest group on the planet, but Muslims may be feeling this historic upset particularly keenly, according to a CSU academic.

Government has key role in interfaith dialogue

Tuesday 25 Oct 2016

Government has a vital role in promoting interfaith dialogue as a key element in nurturing friendship across cultures, religions and nations, a CSU theologian told an international forum in Indonesia last week.

Refuting the theological foundations of violent extremism

Tuesday 11 Oct 2016

The Third Australian Conference on Islam, sponsored by CSU, will be held in Melbourne next week and will consider how the theological foundations of violent extremism can be refuted.

Religious Short Film Prize nationally significant

Thursday 11 Aug 2016

The presentation of the inaugural Australian Religious Short Film Prize to a young filmmaker at a special event in Canberra next week has national significance.

Church engagement develops social capital for immigrants

Wednesday 29 Jun 2016

A CSU researcher has identified that church engagement for recent immigrants upholds a sense of wellbeing and develops social capital.

More tax for the common good

Monday 20 Jun 2016

Christian economists contend that we need to be open to rendering more of our own income to increase the tax base, for the sake of others and for the common good.

Ramadan - a time of spiritual renewal

Friday 3 Jun 2016

A CSU academic says that fasting by Muslims during Ramadan creates a time of great solidarity and spiritual renewal throughout the Islamic world.

Religious short film prize winner announced

Thursday 2 Jun 2016

A short film that combines elements of Judaism, Islam and Christianity in war-torn strife has been announced as the winner of the inaugural national Religious Short Film Prize.

Muslim youth summit for a positive future

Wednesday 1 Jun 2016

Creating an Australian Muslim identity was central to topics discussed at the National Muslim Youth Summit held at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra on Saturday 28 May.

Anzac Day as Australia’s alternative religion?

Tuesday 26 Apr 2016

A CSU historian asks whether Anzac Day functions as a kind of alternative religion or 'civil religion'.

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