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CSU establishes new Study Centre in Melbourne

Thursday 30 Apr 2015

CSU has established a new Study Centre in Melbourne, in collaboration with the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy of Australia (ISRA).

Uncovering the origins of the Anzac Day service

Wednesday 22 Apr 2015

Army chaplains and churches have played a significant role in commemorating Australia's war efforts, including organising the first Anzac Day services, according to a CSU lecturer.

Building bridges of dialogue and harmony in challenging times

Wednesday 8 Apr 2015

Building bridges of dialogue and goodwill is a necessary activity for multi-faith societies according to an Islamic academic at CSU.

Theology student in national adoption exhibition

Thursday 2 Apr 2015

theology  student from CSU has told a very personal story of giving up a child for adoption in the 1960s as part of a new exhibition at the  National Archives of Australia.

Recalling Indigenous military service in Canberra lecture

Friday 20 Mar 2015

The personal journey of an Indigenous man as a senior Australian Army chaplain will be the focus of an annual public lecture held in Canberra in memory of Wiradjuri Elder Pastor Cec Grant OAM, or Wungamaa.

Why the religiously violent are convinced they are right

Thursday 22 Jan 2015

The religiously violent often justify their worldly violence as part of a larger 'cosmic war' against Satan or another aggressive supreme evil being, says a CSU academic.

CSU Muslim chaplain condemns Sydney siege

Tuesday 16 Dec 2014

The Muslim chaplain of CSU, Dr Recep Dogan, has condemned the siege in Martin Place, Sydney, that ended in tragedy early today.

Public relations and ethics: whose interests served?

Tuesday 2 Dec 2014

A new book by a CSU academic examines the role of the professions in society, and the role of ethics in professions, particularly in the field of public relations.

Medical ethicist: Gene patents not so bad

Sunday 21 Sep 2014

Patenting of genes by private companies is not necessarily a bad thing provided it's well regulated, according to CSU medical ethicist Dr Alberto Giubilini.

Police actions commended, but caution needed

Thursday 18 Sep 2014

A leading Islamic expert with CSU has commended Australian police and other security agencies on recent action to prevent what they considered an imminent terrorism risk

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