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Security laws threaten civil liberty

Friday 8 Aug 2014

Australians have good reason to be wary of proposed counter-terrorism laws and should oppose measures limiting civil liberties according to CSU political philosopher Dr Piero Moraro.

CSU moves into parliamentary triangle

Wednesday 23 Jul 2014

CSU has expanded its footprint in the national capital with the opening of new offices in Canberra for teaching and research.

Uncovering animal cruelty, the end can sometimes justify the means

Monday 30 Jun 2014
Legislative change to crack down on activists breaking into farms to film suspected animal cruelty should be approached with caution, according to Professor John Kleinig from CSU's Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE).

History does not support extremists

Wednesday 18 Jun 2014

The extreme Sunni Islamic group ISIS – Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – is not supported by history as it claims to set up a fundamentalist Islamic state, and this has implications for Australia, say two CSU academics.

Share cyber security knowledge or suffer

Friday 13 Jun 2014

Australia needs to better secure its online world with improved cooperation between key players or we will suffer the consequences, says a group of cyber security experts from CSU.

Understanding the justifications of religious violence

Thursday 15 May 2014

A newly published book by a Charles Sturt University (CSU) philosophy academic is the first to examine how religious violence is justified.

Politics, memory and ethics - the NSW way

Wednesday 16 Apr 2014

The surprise announcement today by the NSW Premier, Mr Barry O'Farrell, that he will resign after misleading the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) with his testimony yesterday shows a flawed political system has a silver lining, according to a Charles Sturt University (CSU) academic.

Centre celebrates new leadership

Tuesday 15 Apr 2014

The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture (ACC&C) will formally welcome its new Executive Director, the Right Reverend Professor Stephen Pickard, in a ceremony at the national ecumenical centre in Canberra this evening.

Donor payments helpful but more needed

Tuesday 1 Apr 2014

An Australian trial of payments for living organ donors could be a model for other countries according to Charles Sturt University (CSU) medical ethicist Dr Alberto Giubilini.

Champion of Indigenous education honoured

Thursday 20 Mar 2014

The work of Pastor Cec Grant OAM, or Wiradjuri Elder Wongamar, in promoting higher education for Indigenous people will be remembered in the annual public lecture held in his honour Friday 21 March at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture (ACC&C) in Canberra.

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