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Support for international fisheries project

Monday 24 Oct 2016

A CSU-led research project to improve fish pathways in a section of the Mekong River in South East Asia has secured an additional $95 000 from Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

Flood impacts: CSU experts

Friday 14 Oct 2016

Catchments across south eastern Australia are sodden, river systems swollen and many communities are dealing with ongoing flooding. CSU experts can talk about the environmental and social impacts.

CSU student shines as future paramedic

Thursday 13 Oct 2016
A CSU paramedicine student has won a national award with the prediction she'll have a 'significant' future impact on her chosen profession.

Scanning a bee’s brain to see how it learns

Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

Combining his profession in medical imaging with a passion for apiary, CSU scientist Dr Mark Greco is examining bees' brains to understand how they respond to environmental change.

Breakthrough on virus infecting rare and endangered parrots

Wednesday 5 Oct 2016
Australian researchers including a CSU team have unravelled the molecular makeup of a virus threatening some of the world's most endangered native bird species.

CSU’s ‘Tall Poppy’ scientist one to look up to

Friday 30 Sep 2016

Finding solutions to the modern extinction crisis is a tall order but it's the motivation driving award-winning CSU scientist, Dr Dale Nimmo.

Does connecting the body to the earth help sore muscles?

Monday 12 Sep 2016

Special bed sheets will be used in a new study at CSU to explore the idea that grounding the body to the earth can reduce the onset of sore muscles and improve recovery.

CSU academic appointed to global sustainable tourism body

Friday 9 Sep 2016

A CSU expert in sustainable tourism, Associate Professor Rosemary Black has been appointed to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council's (GSTC) Board of Directors.

London calls CSU paramedicine students

Thursday 1 Sep 2016

Heart attacks, breathing problems, stabbings, falls and mental health patients are among the challenges being tackled head-on by CSU students during an international work placement with the London Ambulance Service.

Processors milk dairy farmers

Wednesday 17 Aug 2016

Renewed criticism of Australia's largest dairy processor, Murray Goulburn, has been echoed by a CSU academic following ABC TV's Four Corners exposé.

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