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Managing your super fund successfully

Wednesday 7 Sep 2016

A CSU finance expert is issuing a warning for Australian investors to take care ahead of managing their own superannuation fund.

Leading judge to launch new CSU law centre

Sunday 21 Aug 2016

The official launch of CSU's Centre for Law and Justice on Thursday 25 August will bring a leading judge to regional NSW.

Escalation of the far-Right in Australia nothing new

Wednesday 17 Aug 2016

Radical nationalism is on the rise around the world, and a CSU researcher says the growth of the political far-Right in Australia is nothing new.

Top riders and horses at work in Rio

Tuesday 9 Aug 2016

A CSU psychologist has developed a special understanding of the sound working relationships needed between elite riders and their horses competing at the Olympic Games.

Census concerns well founded: CSU cybersecurity expert

Wednesday 3 Aug 2016

Concerns regarding the security of information posted online for this year's census are well founded, says a cybersecurity expert at CSU.

Rate cut balances effect of slowing Chinese economy: CSU economist

Monday 1 Aug 2016

A slowing Chinese economy is a major reason for the record low cash interest rate announced today, says a leading CSU economist.

Blocking Rudd for UN makes political sense: CSU academic

Thursday 28 Jul 2016

A CSU politics academic says it's no surprise that the Turnbull government has blocked former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's bid to lead the United Nations.

One person, one vote – a flawed and outdated idea?

Sunday 10 Jul 2016

Recent elections have prompted a CSU academic to ask, 'has the democratic idea of 'one person, one vote' passed its use-by date?'

Harnessing virtual technology to teach health students

Tuesday 5 Jul 2016

CSU is tapping into virtual technology to give allied health students a unique learning experience.

No major party majority - what happens next?

Sunday 3 Jul 2016

Australia has voted in the 2016 federal election and neither of the two major political parties can claim a clear majority. So, what happens next?

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