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Rate cut balances effect of slowing Chinese economy: CSU economist

Monday 1 Aug 2016

A slowing Chinese economy is a major reason for the record low cash interest rate announced today, says a leading CSU economist.

Blocking Rudd for UN makes political sense: CSU academic

Thursday 28 Jul 2016

A CSU politics academic says it's no surprise that the Turnbull government has blocked former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's bid to lead the United Nations.

One person, one vote – a flawed and outdated idea?

Sunday 10 Jul 2016

Recent elections have prompted a CSU academic to ask, 'has the democratic idea of 'one person, one vote' passed its use-by date?'

Harnessing virtual technology to teach health students

Tuesday 5 Jul 2016

CSU is tapping into virtual technology to give allied health students a unique learning experience.

No major party majority - what happens next?

Sunday 3 Jul 2016

Australia has voted in the 2016 federal election and neither of the two major political parties can claim a clear majority. So, what happens next?

Post-election commentary by CSU experts

Sunday 3 Jul 2016

The votes have been cast but the make-up of the next Australian Parliament is still not clear. CSU experts are available for analysis and comment.

Australian constitution needs major overhaul: CSU law expert

Wednesday 22 Jun 2016

A CSU expert on constitutional law believes Australia's voting system is unfair, government ministers have poor accountability and the country offers limited protection for human rights, and has called for comprehensive reform of the Constitution.

Ethics, politics and legalities in cyber-warfare

Sunday 19 Jun 2016

The Australian Army has called on a CSU expert to advise it on the ethical, political and legal dilemmas it will face when using drones and cyber-warfare in the coming century.

Voters must examine parties and policies

Wednesday 15 Jun 2016

With 2016 federal election pre-polling now open, important differences have emerged between the major parties and all parties need greater scrutiny, a CSU academic says.

Coalition voters show large swing towards climate policy

Wednesday 15 Jun 2016

CSU research shows more Coalition voters accept climate change is real and are willing to pay nearly as much as Labor voters for carbon policies such as a carbon tax or direct action.

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