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Trump inauguration – a future of profound uncertainty

Wednesday 18 Jan 2017

As the eyes of the world turn to Washington DC for the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump, political science and history academics at CSU have expressed their reservations.

CSU research probes historic Justice Murphy ‘The Age Tapes’ documents

Tuesday 17 Jan 2017

A CSU research student hopes to unravel findings in 30-year old embargoed documents surrounding scandals involving former High Court Justice Lionel Murphy.

Valuing people’s well-being as benefits and costs

Monday 16 Jan 2017

Accurately valuing the social benefits and costs of community changes has proven elusive for policy and economic decision makers until a CSU research project.

Why are our most vulnerable children turning to crime?

Wednesday 11 Jan 2017

CSU researchers have been awarded a national grant to investigate why the Australian welfare and justice systems are turning some of the most vulnerable children into criminals.

Ministers’ questionable travel entitlements – any end in sight?

Tuesday 10 Jan 2017

A CSU academic says alleged misuse of parliamentary travel entitlements by Ministers needs prompt and decisive action by the Prime Minister.

What might a Trump presidency mean for Muslims

Friday 11 Nov 2016

A Trump presidency will have unforeseen consequences for just about every interest group on the planet, but Muslims may be feeling this historic upset particularly keenly, according to a CSU academic.

How protest shaped modern Australia

Wednesday 2 Nov 2016

A new book by a CSU philosopher examines how movements for equality, peace and environmental action have defined and shaped the nation.

Celebrating 25 years of CSU social work education

Wednesday 19 Oct 2016

Staff, students and alumni will celebrate 25 years of social work education at CSU with a special two-day conference in November.

Extreme political posters ‘cheapen democracy’

Wednesday 19 Oct 2016

Political free speech is essential but crass and extreme propaganda undermines proper debate, warns a CSU academic.

Hot August nights signal return of ETS: CSU expert

Wednesday 21 Sep 2016

A CSU climate change expert has predicted Australia can no longer avoid having an emissions trading scheme to help address climate change.

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