From Bangalore India to Wagga Wagga, scholarship allows student to pursue her dream career


From Bangalore India to Wagga Wagga, scholarship allows student to pursue her dream career

Charles Sturt University scholarship recipient sought better education and job opportunities within the Australian animal sciences sector. Now, with scholarship support, a long and fulfilling career in this industry is possible.

Charles Sturt University scholarship recipient and first-year animal science student Ms Nidhi Kanekal is planning for a long and illustrious career caring for animals.

Nidhi was born and raised in Bangalore, South India, and moved to Sydney five years ago with her family in search of better education and career opportunities. Following the completion of high school Nidhi’s search continued and brought her to study in Wagga Wagga.

Keen to be financially independent of her parents, who continue to raise her thirteen-year-old brother, Nidhi looked to scholarships that were offered by Charles Sturt.

Receiving a St Martins College Helen and James Faulks Scholarship gave her the confidence to pursue  a Bachelor of Animal Science in the Charles Sturt School of Agricultural, Environmental and Veterinary Sciences thereby reducing the financial pressure of accommodation costs and allowing Nidhi to reside on campus at Charles Sturt in Wagga Wagga.

The financial support also allowed Nidhi to spend time obtaining her driver licence so she could secure work.

“I do not wish to burden my parents with the cost of higher education as they are still raising my brother,” Nidhi said.

“This scholarship allows me to pursue my dream career in animal sciences as there are many more job opportunities in Australia in this field than in India.”

Upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Animal Science Nidhi has her sights on pursuing a Bachelor of Veterinary Science and possible further study into animal psychology.

“I’ve always loved animals and working as a vet behaviorist is a profession I am interested in,” she said.

Nidhi is grateful for the friendships she has fostered through the free time the scholarship has afforded.

“Living away from home can be lonely,” Nidhi said.

“I have made some great friends at St Martin’s College and on campus who also want to work with animals, and we help each other with our studies.”

CEO of the Charles Sturt Foundation Ms Sarah Ansell said, “Nidhi’s long-term plans to work with animals demonstrates the hope a scholarship can give someone to pursue their dream career.

“Charles Sturt University’s comprehensive and varied courses in animal sciences will allow Nidhi to explore the area she is most passionate about, laying solid career foundations.”

The support given to Nidhi has inspired her to give back to others one day.

“I hope I can help other students achieve their goals, showing them similar generosity that Charles Sturt University has shown me by possibly making a scholarship donation in the future.”

There are over 150 scholarships currently on offer through Charles Sturt University. A full list of scholarships is available on the Charles Sturt website.


Media Note:

To arrange interviews with Ms Nidhi Kanekal contact Trease Clarke at Charles Sturt Media on 0409 741 789 or

Photo caption: Ms Nidhi Kanekal receiving the St Martins College Helen and James Faulks Scholarship in May 2021, from Associate Professor Bill Anscombe, former Acting Head of School, St Martin’s College, Charles Sturt University.

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